Life changing income

Would you like earn a life changing income with a reputable company that is totally legit? If the answer yes then please read on

There is a revolutionary industry which has just landed in the UK and already creating massive attention and its expanding globally. I want to share this opportunity with you.

It’s something special, something unique and you can make a lot of money with it.

This company has been around for less than 2 years and already has 1.4 million members, in its first year of trading it has generated revenue of over 1 billion euros which is a staggering figure.

Have you heard of Bitcoin? Bitcoin is a crypto currency which was introduced to the public in 2009, at that time each coin was worth $0.10 (about 7p). Some people thought it was a scam and that they will lose their money so stayed away and didn’t invest. Some foretold the future moving towards this digital market and understood the potential it held so invested. In 2013-2014 each coin went up in value from $0.10 in 2009 to $1200 in 2013 an increase of 1.2 million per cent. Within 4 years people who invested $100 saw their investment rapidly multiply to $1.2 million, people became millionaires. There is an example in the guardian of a Norwegian man who invested just $27 in 2009 and became a millionaire by doing nothing! Yes, that’s right, by doing nothing. Please see the link below:

So now you know this is real and how much money can be made with this concept, let me give you some great news, history is repeating itself.

This company is called OneCoin. OneCoin is like Bitcoin, but far better than what Bitcoin ever was. An example to compare the two would be, Bitcoin is like MySpace and OneCoin is like Facebook. 

We call OneCoin a MEGA OPPORTUNITY. 

Already considered by specialists as the best investment of the century! 

OneCoin has exceeded every target set. It’s following the path of Bitcoin but growing much faster. 

In January 2015 each OneCoin was worth €0.10. Now after about 12 months it is already worth €5.25. That’s an increase of 5250%. It is projected that OneCoin will reach €100 to €500 or maybe even more as Bitcoin increased to $1,200.

According to the founder of OneCoin, "Dr Ruja Ignatova", the value of OneCoin may go

up to €100 by the end of 2017.

This will be the best investment of your life.

Right now, OneCoin is the second largest crypto-currency (digital currency) in the world, only 7 months after the launch we have more members than Bitcoin.

OneCoin with its founder and owner Dr Ruja has broken records in the network marketing industry:

• SPEED - More than 800,000 associated IN THE FIRST YEAR, an increase from 5000 to 7000 members per day (now 1.4 million).

• MILLIONAIRES - The first company to create more than 230 millionaires in its first year of trading.

• TOP LEADER - The first company that a member reached monthly revenue for network marketing of $1,500,000 (IN ONE MONTH).

• WORLD - The first company to be present in more than 183 countries in its first year.

• CAPITAL - The fastest company to reach $1 billion capitalization in the world.

• ATTRACTIVE - A company that has a product that increases in value every week. All top leaders (earners) and executives of the world are shifting and entering OneCoin.

This article was published on 12.02.2016 by Yasin Patel
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