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How is your business going?

By default you may answer "it's going well" but the question is, is it really going well??

You know your real answer. If it's going well then congratulations .

But if it isn't going well trust me there's hope for you. One undeniable truth about life is that if you ain't getting the required results you are looking for it simply means that you ain't doing the required things that will produce the result equivalent.

Most people always think that success is as a result of doing one particular thing, they think that there's a particular button you can press to become successful but that isn't true. Initially when I was growing up I also thought that there is one magic button that successful people press to become successful. But now I know that there's no magic button. Success isn't a result of doing one thing, success involves doing multiple of simple things continuously. 

Often times most people always ask me MAC-FRANCIS how can I also start building a successful network marketing business?? 

Most times when I hear these questions, I'm always confuse myself because I know that there are different things involved. Often times I begin to explain different things to them, at the end of the day, they become disappointed because most of them are always expecting to hear one magic formula.

Now get this....

There's no one magic thing to do for one to become successful at what they do. The difference is not one thing it's d thing.

Those who out do you are not 100% better than you, they be maybe only 1% better. There's no quantum leap difference. It's just a simple difference. I'm not guessing this i know it. 

Get around successful people and study them you will understand that they are not super talented at what they do, it's just that they do a little bit better than someone who isn't successful as they are. No bigger difference.

In today's training i still want to share with you one super thing you can do in your network marketing business team to increase productivity.

This concept is often overlooked by many networkers that is why they often struggle.

Those who understand it normally take advantage of it and out do other people.

This concept is normally used by all top networkers.

It is also used by renowned companies and your company is using it as well.

Promo promo promo.

That is it.

Promo is a powerful concept that you must adopt into your business building. 

By including promo as one of your marketing strategies, you can increase your income by 70%

You can achieve in a month what would have taken you 6 months to achieve. 

Here are some reasons you should include promo as a method in building your network marketing business;. 

1) promo create a sense of urgency 

 It makes people to be conscious of the fact that there's a limited period of time to do a particular thing.

2) It enhances creativity among your team members: your brain has the ability to function 80% faster when it has a limited period to accomplish a task. I don't know how this works but humans tends to be more creative as a result of inspiration or desperation. Implementing promo for your team members, they will be more creative, they will put concentrated efforts to obtain what you have to offer. This will literally enable your team members to come up with great ideas that may have been lying dormant within them.

3) IT CREATES A WONDERFUL TEAM CULTURE: team culture is the mode of your team's operation. People are always longing to be part of something greater than them. With promo, your team members will be more excited and the bond in the team will be more stronger because everyone will be focused on the goal.

4) IT WILL GRADUALLY BUILD YOUR INFLUENCE AS A TEAM LEADER : when you organise a promo your team members will  believe that you care about them qualifying for the target. They will also believe that you are a generous leader. This will subconsciously make them follow your suggestions. You need influence to rapidly grow your network marketing business.

5) IT MAKES THE BUSINESS FUN : there's a saying that if you ain't having fun in the network marketing industry then you ain't doing it right. 

No one wants to be in a bored team. People leave teams that there's no fun. If you are able to create fun in your team, your members will always want to stay. With the help of promo , your team will rock.

6) IT INCREASES YOUR GROWTH; This is inevitable. This synchronises with zig Zigler's statement " if you can help many people have what they need, you will also have what you want. When you organise a promo, you are encouraging your team to grow their matrix at the same time offering a reward. Since you are helping them grow, you will certainly grow too.

These are few reasons why you should start incorporating promo in building your network marketing business .

Before I end this training let me quickly drop some promo examples. You know often times when I suggest promo methods to some networkers they always ask me about different promos examples. So, I'll shear now. But on a side note, your promo can be as simple as recognising winners publicly. It can also be providing qualifiers with expensive gifts.

Bellow are few examples I am able to come up with .

1) the highest recruiter for the week will receive recharge card 

2) the first member to enter a new stage qualifies for a gift ( E.g products, phone, iron , gas cooker, flyers e.t.c.)

3) The most committed members get recognised in your WhatsApp, Facebook, offline seminars or your blog.

These are only a few promos you can implement in your team. To grow rapidly. You can be more creative about this.

I have a question for you. 

Have you used promo to grow your team before?? 

What was the promo and what was the promo's reward??

What was your experience about it kindly comment below I'll like to hear from you. 

Also if you haven't done any promo for your team before I want you to start today after reading this post.


This article was published on 01.08.2019 by Mac-Francis Ekpenyong
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