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Why 5Billionsales is the only Income Opportunity I promote

Welcome 5Billionsales. Just to give you a little perspective about 5Billionsales, it would be totally wrong to say 5Billionsales is just like every other social media platform. But for illustrative purposes and for you to fully understand what 5Billionsales is all about, permit say; 5Billionsales is just like every other social media platform such as Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. However, 5Billionsales is different as you will soon notice.

When Facebook or LinkedIn started, we were all excited, signed up, shared with all our family, friends and co-workers who all signed up. Everyone excited and jumped on as Facebook users, the same thing happened with LinkedIn and, as we know, before we knew it, Facebook or LinkedIn gathered all our details, knew exactly who we are, where we live, where we work, our qualification or even relationship details and of a sudden, they started selling ads to us.

They started targeting us based on the details they have collected (our data) and populating our feeds with ads. That’s is how Facebook and LinkedIn are making a killing daily. However, they do not share that money with us. So, for us as users with Facebook and LinkedIn, we get all these ads coming on in our feeds and obviously, for being a user, we're not getting paid any money from all the billions of dollars they get selling ads.

Now comes a company called 5Billionsales with a totally new concept from onset. 5Billionsales initially started in early 2021, when they started building a user base for 5Billionsales. Just like Facebook and LinkedIn, they’re in the process right now of getting advertisements and companies to advertise on the 5Billionsales platform to the users and the coolest part about 5Billionsales is that, they are giving us users a cashback for becoming 5Billionsales users and allowing them monetize our data.

This is something nobody else has done before. So, if you sign up as a user with 5 billion after one year of being a user, because it's going to take them time to get the ads going and get the companies on board, they're going to pay you 401.50 a year.

So, just being signing up with 5billionsales, and activating the sell data option, you get paid, even if you never referred anyone. But you will have every reason to refer others, and this is why. Every direct referral you get, is worth $100 yearly. And there is no limit to the number of people you can refer. So, by refe3rring others, you can set up yourself for a lifelong residual and growing income.

With 5Billionsales, you earn over rides down 16 levels. This is a HUGE leverage, to earn from a network of people you did not even have to refer by yourself. So, if you referred just 2 people, and they all did the same, that could be a total of 130,000 people down 16 levels in your downline, and that could speculatively be a lot of money yearly. Go figure!

5Billionsales actually has 3 Income Opportunities in one platform, with more coming. It is 100% free to join and earn with 5Billionsales. Click here to check them out.

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This article was published on 30.03.2022 by Pete Ade
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