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Hi, Tradera is pretty simple. You sign up. Send me your referral link. And I build a team using your link. Why? Because when your team grows mine grows too! So we both get paid. Unlike a normal recruitment programme where only one person benefits. You can simply choose to recruit or have those above you place people in your team. We also have automated ads which are unbelievable !! They work when we post on Facebook, using your link, so you can choose to simply take a seat in the programme. Our chat is super friendly too.

Tradera's fee is $99, which works out at around 80. This is a monthly fee, but once 3 people are placed underneath you, the fee is removed. Its reintroduced once you reach 10 people but at that point your payment is 100 weekly so once the fee has been taken out, you're making roughly 300 profit.

It's all a bit unnecessarily complicated but I'm telling everyone that if they sign up over the weekend, if they get to the point of renewal on the second month and they haven't got the free membership or made any money, I'll pay the next month's fee for them.

I'm confident saying that because so far everyone on my team has hit at least the first pay rank within the first couple of weeks

Tradera are based in America but our team are a seperate entity, we just use tradera because they have one of the best commissions around.So basically the sign up fee is paid directly to tradera using a referral link of one of my team. I then place you underneath them and the next person I recruit, can go underneath, etc etc. I have a team rotator tool which I add my entire teams links to, this enables me to distribute the links fairly.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask, I promise you it's nothing dodgy; I have a real life friend who got me into this, she started 4 weeks ago and is on 5000 per months already! Although she does actively work to bring people in herself.

It's honestly a great team to be in and everyone gets so excited when someone hits a new pay scale

There's a Facebook group too that I can send the link to, if you want? To check things over and all that?

This article was published on 30.06.2020 by Rachel Bonsey
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Tradera - Forex trading, 99 USD to join

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Johann Leitner Interesting program, like mine, where I have a passive income every day, perhaps I will have a look at yours also....  1 day ago

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