Undeniably, I am irrevocably an author. For better or for worse, I have learned to accept this quicksand approach to my life (sometimes rather like sweet Jell-O) with all the pitfalls and baggage my profession sometimes requires. On the plus side, being an author means I am creative, resourceful, and although I cannot go more than a day without getting my fix of writing, I nevertheless venerate this chosen path as one of my favorite.   

So, what does a hungry author wish for, more than anything else in the world? READERS, and no, not to eat them. Authors seek out kind people who will purchase their books and review them, if at all possible, in a favorable manner.  

So when someone approached me to take on a home business as a representative for a youth regeneration company, cymbals clashed making me smile.  

What? Of course this will take up some of my time. In fact, this will mean squeezing in my fix early mornings when no one is around to distract me. However, having been down this road before, I know the abundance and freedom this little venture can bring.

For one, this will provide me with a position of choice instead of a j.o.b where I don’t have to answer to anyone. I’m my own boss … well, I can be demanding, but that’s another story.  

This will also allow me to get out of my cocoon—some call it comfort zone—and show the world what a worthwhile person I am.

Here is my wish, and one I hope others can share:

• Attract more readers, new readers (other than friend authors, not that I don’t appreciate their help and encouragement).

• Save on taxes—government opens its pockets whether you earn lots of money or little sums.

• Be able to afford a publicist other than my aunt and cousin or pay my aunt and cousin.

• Find the money to retain that New-York editor who has so much success with bestsellers.

• Hire a first-rate publicist so my novels can take off and zoom to the moon.

Well, you get the idea. This is my definition of freedom. Of course everyone defines freedom differently. Yet freedom by any other name would smell … and taste just as sweet, don’t you think? 

So, what’s your name for independence?

• Find more clients,

• Unburdened yourself of heavy taxes, legally.

• Grow a business that will allow you residual income

• Do the world a favor and help others achieve financial independence.

Don’t be shy. Once you put a name to your version of freedom, decide on its importance and the date and time you two wish to meet up in the future—near or far, doesn’t matter. As long as you get there, right? Count on people to train you and nurse you along. Quite the learning curve you’ll encounter no matter what your experience in sales… enough to write a whole series of books dedicated to your new skills.

To check-up on all this support coming your way in order to help you achieve newfound independence, the link below that will bring you to our contact page.

Joss Landry 

This article was published on 02.02.2016 by Joss Landry
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