Drink Coffee Loose Weigh And Make Money Enough Said

Where undoubtedly are the talk of the industry as the up and coming health and wellness business. Going on seven years we have done over 250 million in sales and did upwards of 2 million a month in the first quarter of this year. We are a debt-free company in over 90 plus countries with warehouses and offices in parts of the world to service these countries so shipping can be expedited faster. We are one of the top ten companies for the fastest growing companies in the world. We have a compensation plan that is by far one of the best on this planet with eight different ways to get paid. You have retail up to the global bonus which is shared with a point system. And in the seven ways of getting paid, you can make money right out of the gate. We have an amazing app that you can actually work your business from in its entirety. It gives you the up to date events videos and all the information of all the products with details of the ingredients and testimonials. It also gives you a notification when someone looks at the app and how long they were on the site. Plus you can have your customer order their products from the site It's just an amazing tool to have at your disposal. There's something in the product line for everyone to help improve their health and live a better life. As of now, there are thirty-five plus products available right now more to come. Many of these products could be stand-alone products to have sales in the millions. Some of the amazing products are EmulinM and EmulinE which has the endorsement of the BSCG stands for Band Substance Control Group there are not too many companies that get endorsements for one of their products. Emulin is the number one product that everyone needs to take no matter what age from womb to tum. We have many more amazing products we have five different weight loss coffees, weight loss cocoa, a tropical blast with a delicious Penacoalato flavor that works like the coffee but a little better. We have the Therma roast capsule that can be taken by itself or with your coffee to give you that extra boost of energy, focus, and clarity. There are so many fantastic products there is not enough room to describe them on here. To no more about the products go to www.valentusproducts.com To join the company with no obligation take a free tour at www.valentustour.com/jbuck

This article was published on 03.05.2021 by John Buckner
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