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Look at this!...WHAT IS THIS!?... LETTUCE!!!

How did lettuce on a hamburger change the landscape of business forever?

Did you ever hear the story of McDonald's. If you're in network marketing you should have by now, because network marketing bills itself as the franchise for the poor. Ray Kroc found a little Hamburger Stand in California when he was selling milkshake machines. He turned it into the one of the most lucrative real estate businesses in the process. The McDonald's Corporation is one of the largest real estate holder in the world..

Are you listening?

30 billion dollars in commercial real estate property

You thought they were a just hamburger stand, but they don't make anything from flipping and serving burgers.

"So Kevin what's lettuce on a hamburger in 1950 something have to do with all this?"

Well I'll tell ya...

One sunny afternoon, Ray went to one of his franchisee’s locations and found someone selling McDonald's burgers with lettuce along with a host of non approved menu items. He bought one put it in a bag and drove to the golf club where this franchisee was laughing and giggling with his rich golf Buddies about all the money he was making from his McDonald's restaurant. Ray tracks the owner down on the golf course gets in the guy's face, holds up the hamburger and starts berating him in front of everyone like a crazy man.


Look at this!

What is THIS!?


This was brilliantly portrayed in the film, The Founder with Michael Keaton playing Ray Kroc. If you have time, watch it. It will be one of the best 2 hours of training for your network marketing business that you'll ever spend.

Why was it so important? It's because Ray understood the value of the system that he built to ensure quality and profitability for all his franchisees. Network marketing talks about a system of duplication. It has never truly happened in the theoretical and hypothetical modeling on which compensation plans are based though.

The breakdown comes when people decide they're going to do it their own way and not listen to the tested advice of people who have succeeded. Does that mean you can't have some creativity and individuality? No it means that you need to stick to the plan of choosing the path at least resistance. Building a system takes time, of which most people in this industry do not have a surplus.

What if it was already built for you and all you really had to do is plug in and start using the resources available?

Most people don't get into network marketing to sell nutritional supplements or insurance or a  hundred other things that are sold through network marketing. Most people get involved in this industry for one reason:

They join network marketing


 and when they don't


Plain and simple.

If you can't show them how to make money ( not commissions, profits after expenses) while they are racking up credit card debt on personal use auto-ship orders, they're gone.

I know this is a reality because I've been doing it for over 25 years and I've seen the way companies and uplines treat people as commodities. Charismatic and greedy people prey on people they know cannot succeed in this business. They give them promises about income and lifestyle they know can't be achieved or attained by the person whom they're prospecting.

It takes a certain individual to be successful in most companies.

It requires:

a great deal of time


a great deal of commitment


a great deal of operating capital...

to invest in a network marketing business.  Not to mention the social and business contacts one must already possess.

The generally typical person who is attracted to network marketing is someone who is living paycheck-to-paycheck, working a mundane job in which they see no future, and can't afford the product and all the other supplemental programs like websites, leads, training, and marketing. This is why we have such a high attrition rate.

I have been working on  a simple system that the average person can duplicate who doesn't have more than 5  hours a week and more than $50  to invest in themselves and their business.

It's a true leveraged network marketing business that delivers 2 things:

A product of value with no competitors!


A passive income producing asset.

You know what?

This is normally where I would put a link to my site. But I'm not going to make it that easy for you.

You want to know why?

Because I need to know you're serious and not just a tire kicker. If you connect with me here I will show you the proof of what the system can do FOR YOU.


If I can help you some other  specific way, I'd be glad to do that as well.  I just don't know exactly what you're trying to do to build your network marketing business and how I can help you do that unless you ask.  I believe in giving and expecting nothing in return and I've done plenty of that over the years.

Why would you do that Kevin?

This is why...

I know plenty of network marketers in other companies who know and trust me enough that I won't take advantage of them and we have a good relationship. I do that because I know that one day most people in network marketing will be shopping for an opportunity. Maybe not today but in the future and anything I can do to help them will keep me on their radar. So that when the thing that they have zero expectation of ever happening occurs, (the thing I could almost always foresee), guess who will be the first person they explore career options with? I may or may not have a fit but at least I don't burn a bridge.

I see so many people in MLM with this poverty creating mentality.

"...if they won't join me they can go blankety blank blank....."

That's just stupid.

They learned  that from their upline.

"Don't look at anything else, this is the best blah blah blah you need to "focus"... "

Who benefits from that? you or your caring upline?

If I wasn't able to do what comes naturally and investigate other opportunities I would not be in the company I'm thankfully in now.

Maybe some of the plantation owners in this industry need someone to give them a copy of the EMANCIPATION PROCLAMATION.

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This article was published on 04.09.2019 by Kevin Harrison
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