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This program is pretty cool. Id paid for Facebook leads, Instagram, Youtube followers and likes. Tried attraction marketing. Yes, i got a sale here and there, i mean the product is Gold, what do you expect. But was the cost of acquisition worth the price?? I would have to say NO.

I kept being told you have to put "More money" into marketing!! What?!!?! The ROI was already not worth it. Recently I came across a new system where i get 100 FRESH LEADS DAILY!! And the Open and Click thru Rates are Better than i've personally EVER SEEN!!!

It cost just $30 to get started and $30 per month and you get 100 Fresh Leads Daily. The leads are your so do what you will. You can mail them from our system, you can download them to your own mail system. Of course you always want to respect your Leads and NEVER SPAM!! Out of 10,000 LEADS (ive been doing this for 3 months) i have only had 8 people deregister from my MAIL LIST!!!


I was initially worried that the leads would not work or worst that I would get reported as SPAM!!! So, I decided to download the Leads to my current "Auto-responder" to give them a chance to Opt out and to see how many "bounce backs" i received.  

In 90 Days i got 15 "bounce backs" and 8 people who decided to Unsubscribe. Not bad for a $30 monthly investment!!! THE BEST PART!!!! IN 90 days I have built a team of over 50 people. Where about 26 ish are ACTIVELY working their Business!!! Even better than that.... my sales are THRU THE ROOF!!!! I mean Literally!!! I went from a team of 8 and 1 sale to a team of over 60 and about $8000 in ACTUAL SALES VOLUME (dont wanna brag, but need you all to know the real numbers to actually understand, thank you, thank you).

Needless to say, Im happy with the response I have received so far so now I have decided to PROMOTE my new found GOLD (get it, Like Karatbars, but Not Karatbars, LOL).  Anyway, if i wasnt happy with the response i have received, i would not be now promoting this business. 

This is Strictly A Lead Generation tool. Of course like most things out there today, there is an affiliate component, and again because I now have PROOF that the system WORKS... I will PROMOTE IT. 

Dont Worry... Im Still loyal to Karatbars. But this is a supplement to pretty much any business out there... we all need FRESH LEADS!! 


This article was published on 22.03.2020 by Yusef Freeman El
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My Lead Gen Secret - Lead Generation, 30 USD to join

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