Two critical things missing from your business right now!

Quite often,

many of you guys struggle with your primary organization Or network marketing business eventually or already.

But don’t feel bad, this is more common than you think. 95% of network marketers fail within 1-6 months of being recruited. 

Because of this fact, many of you Have chosen to use this platform to connect and grow your team. OF course there’s nothing wrong with that. 

Some people are engaged to seek what you offer, while others simply want to qualify you as a candidate for their business opportunities. Fair enough. MLM Gateway at least has a great balance for that. Outside of platforms like these lie problems.

For Example:

Free To Join Mailers and traffic exchanges are full of biz opportunity seekers who are looking for prospects to their unique business opportunity of that moment....the only problem with that is, most of the members from

Those communities aren’t invested in joining your business opportunity most of f the time. So most time is 

Wasted. Big reason I believe they don’t join is because they are also struggling to build anything remotely on those free E-mail and traffic exchange platforms. Joining your thing, is the last thing on their mind.

Sometimes, the very people we try to recruit are in fact, too busy building up their team, and training with their business respectively. This can cause challenges for those who need fresh leads.

And of course, There’s nothing wrong with recruiting the old fashion way, by inviting personals into zoom, and enrolling them yourself through the website, if you are computer or tech illiterate. 

The problem with that is:

techniques that require people to recruit face to face, even on zoom for millennials and gen z, are at best, primitive In 2020. 

Sure the old fashion way works, but is it the fastest way to get your business up and running?

No, it’s not., especially with today’s millennial thinking entrepreneurs and college based Gen Z.

They want something that will do all of the heavy lifting,selling and telling for them.

And yet the other problem is: Most people  Out side of the self employed space who aren’t familiar with network marketing might scream scam and this frustrates several network marketers into quitting.

Most of these MLM leaders from your favorite direct selling companies on Super Saturday  zoom meetings might suggest for you to “ MAke a list of 10 friends to can see the vision” or  Give you the ol “believe in yourself and never give up” prep talks. But not everybody has a list like this to cross off, and might feel the need to drop out of the company all together.

So here’s the deal. I know you are frustrated right now. I know you haven’t had the best in luck with building your business.

So I want to give you two critical things missing from your business right now!

Number 1: You need a FREE lead generation system that does all the telling and selling for you. CLICK HERE)

Number 2: You need a way to get prospects rejection free! (Click here)

Using these two tools could deter your failure in this industry by a few points.

And when in doubt, just remember:

People fail, systems don’t.
This article was published on 15.07.2020 by Kyle Smith
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Free Lead System - Lead Generation, Free to join

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