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Her Goal: Create 1000 millionaires in the next year. And she's on track!

Hello Networker,

I’ve connected with a team of people who, in nine months or less (since the lockdowns) have developed a duplicatable system which can generate up to $100k a month for anyone who can follow the plan as they teach it.  

 Their goal is to teach the 1% of the people in society who are willing to learn how money works, how to follow in their footsteps and become completely independent.

You know what $100k a month is in a year, right?  It's $1,200,000. 

This is not hype. They are doing it, have done it and they are teaching others to do it as well starting with their own family members.

If you can see the value of learning how to make money trading in the markets where all you need are;

- Your newly acquired skill and professional support  

- Your smart phone  

- Any Wi-Fi enable hammock in the world

…Or as a business person you can see the market potential of something like this, then you need to explore this Extraordinary Opportunity.

Think about the millions of people around the world who now face;

- Business closures
- Unemployment
- Economic uncertainty
- Political instability
- Hyperinflation
- Currency devaluation
- Dislocation due to fires, hurricanes, earthquakes
- Relocation and exodus from areas controlled by Marxists causing economic and social blight
…and we could go on.  The market is huge and growing!

Being a teacher and coach myself who is always trying to help people get out of the rut they are in.

I couldn’t resist but to team up with the impressive team involved here and help take their powerful and professional system to the world which is desperately looking for it. 

I'm building my core team right now and each one involved with me will have 'position equity' which is the benefit of being a part of the moving force behind a larger movement.

I’ve been talking for years about achieving economic and location independence: I.e. having multiple streams of diversified passive cash flow which can be generated from anywhere you’d like to be, or be forced to be, whichever the case may be.

Never before in history has the value of that concept been more directly relevant than it is today.

In fact it fits in perfectly with THE COMMUNITY SUPPORT NETWORK which is all about teaching people HOW MONEY WORKS

Financial education is the product we're talking about.

Most people fail in business or working other programs because:

- They don’t have a simple, proven duplicatable system that anyone can do.

- They don’t have successful mentors, leaders or trainers to help them and work with them.

- They don’t have the right market timing where people are looking 'en masse' to solve a single problem they can provide a solution for.

We have all those things in this professional opportunity.

If you feel you might be one of those 1% who have the drive to commit to a professional profitable business model for the next 18 months to achieve true economic and location independence, then here’s what you do:

If you can ‘see it’ and are willing to work with a successful team to get above average results, use this link to join our team email list for instructions on how to get plugged in and ongoing training within our private Educational and Referral Communities. It’s Free to Join!

This article was published on 26.10.2020 by Charles H Johnson Jr
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