My Business is Better than Your Business!

Is that a great title?

Did it get your attention?

Then I guess it is :)

I don't really know if my business is better than your business. What I do know is most businesses offer weight loss products, beauty products, skin products, and many other products that really don't appeal to me. I am not saying that your business is bad, I'm just merely pointing out that your business does not appeal to the masses (in my humble oppinion) 

My business offers a very unique product. My business also appeals to the masses! Everyone buys stuff all the time, whether that is groceries, petrol, clothes, televisions, mobile phones, household items, bedding, linen...whatever...if you shop then this will appeal to you. Some of us shop daily, shop til we drop.  

Let me ask you something. When you receive your grocery receipt or petrol receipts, do you just throw them in the bin? Would I be correct in saying you do? Of course most of us do! Why would we hold on to them? Well, here's a will be foolish to throw them away because now, they can start to earn you cashback!

Let me explain my business.  

SAIVIAN. Saivian is a networking company. Saivian was launched in USA in December 2015 and has branched out into over 200 countries across the globe. Saivian launched here in Australia on June 2016, so it is still ground floor opportunity and It really is growing like wildflower. Why? because it is such a very simple opportunity everyone can see their grown income potential with this company.  

When I first learned about Saivian, I was hooked on the product alone...but that was just the icing on the cake. 

Saivian offers a membership. Memberships are $125usd. It is a renewal membership every 28 days. (further down, I will explain how you can get your membership free)

What does that membership give you?

An opportunity to earn CASHBACK on your shopping receipts! Yes, that's right...every time you shop, you can receive up to $250 the value of your receipts. That is just easy money because as I explained above...we already shop anyway, so nothing has to change, except we now KEEP our receipts and don't throw them away! That is pretty much the product. A 20% cashback on your shopping receipts...yep, that simple!

But wait...there's more

If you share this opportunity with just 3 people, your membership becomes free! Which means, the $250 you recieve from your receipts is pure profit to you! That's right..we have slogan...join 3 and its better than free!

Saivian also offers an opportunity to earn residual income daily...what was that? Earn Residual Income Daily! How? When 3 people join you in Saivian and purchase their membership, your membership is free AND you will start to earn daily residual income. Very simple indeed! Now you can see why people are joining like bees to honey! I have never seen an opportunity so simple, that even if you are BRAND new, you can succeed by sharing Saivian with just 3 people. From this point forward your income will only increase daily! $5, $30, $100 or even $300 daily residual income...would that have an impact on your life?

I know most people don't know how to recruit. I believe this opportunity has changed this.

I'd like to think of this as sharing...I love this business opportunity for various reasons, but I love this more because I know it can help others. Many opportunities are very hard sells. Saivian is so simple, I can't imagine why you wouldn't join. Sharing with just 3 people is a simple task! Who do you know that shops? Who do you know wants to save money? Who do you know that would love to make money from their shopping receipts?

Let me point out some amazing key features...

#Ground Floor Opportunity 

#Unique product

#Saving money

#Earning Income Daily

#Low cost joining fee

#Join 3 its better than Free!

#Shopping receipts

#Full team support

In closing, please think about how Saivian can change your life, and your families life, even your friends will love you for this.

Reach out to me here or on Facebook or email me for more information. Let me help you get started in Saivian. It would be my absolute pleasure. We have 3 live webinars daily. Ask me for a webinar link, so you can do your due diligence. You will not regret it.

This article was published on 13.07.2016 by Gala Paschalidis
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