4 Simple Steps To Building MLM

At the most basic level there are only a few skills that if mastered can pay us big in Network Marketing!!!

1. Inviting people to take a look at a presentation
I used to say it was finding people but in reality finding people is easy they are every where the real skill is how to invite people based on the platform, the existing or non existing relationship etc.

People are not one size fits all, that is why we all have different taste plus we don't want to feel like a number or fall for a can pitch. They way you approach a close friend should be different than a long lost friend.

2. Presenting
This part is easy, we are sending them a tool like a video, website, conference call, flyer or other. Basically some form of getting the presentation in front of them... yes we can share a little on our own but for the sake of simplicity it is best to send them a tool that does the presentation for you.
Hint you want them to think "humm I can do what they are doing to me". Also presenting should not be an over kill of information but instead lots of little bits of information over time.

I like to say which one do you think is more powerful
Option 1 - Giving your wife a dozen roses
Option 2- Giving your wife one rose per day for 12 days

Humm let that sink in for a sec... if you are a man what do you think? If you are a lady which option would have more impact on you?

Pretty simple right.... one rose a day would have more impact because of something called space repetition, you see our brains can feel like we get more if it is spaced out over time. This leads perfectly into the next step.

3. Follow Up
Most people complicate this step, at the most basic level this is asking them if they have any questions or asking them something like "Did any thing Stand Out from the presentation" and them get them in front of more information example another version of the presentation, a conference call, a 3 way call to hear the story of another member etc. As you can see Step 2 and 3 are pretty similar...

4. Getting them started fast
So once a person joins you as a customer or distributor your job is to help them get started fast. If you did a good job with step 1 - 3 then this step would be explaining this 4 step process and give them a copy and paste approach for inviting, presenting and followup.

That is it.... if you like these steps I do have them explained in more details on my ABC (Always Be Copying) Platform you can see it here ==> CLICK HERE

This article was published on 10.04.2019 by Ryan Gunness
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