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Struggling to Find the Right People for Your MLM Business?

If there's 2 things that many networkers can't stand, it's either:

1: Getting constantly rejected when offering a business opportunity


2: Having recruits quit within the first 60-90 days of joining.

Many networkers would probably like to know...

"I've got this life changing opportunity for people but why do they keep turning me down?"


 "why don't people give the business enough time?"

For both of these questions there will usually be 2 answers.

Either you've been talking to the wrong people or you've been speaking the wrong message.

And both of these things need to be addressed.

You can find out how to find and attract your ideal audience and tap into those hungry buyers when you click on the link provided here.

But for a quick breakdown of what that's like, here it is:

1) Find a greater purpose for your products and opportunity.

We all like to stick with the very generic ideas of products to help you lose weight and earning more money from a business opportunity.

But we actually have to go much further than that if we want to make an impact on those who see the content.

WHY is losing weight so important to them? What does that do for them?

WHY is making more money so important for them? What does that do for them?

2) Understanding your Audience's pain points.

Your job as a network marketer actually doesn't involve selling products first. It's identifying who would benefit the most from your products or opportunity and then lead with a solution.

You're a problem solver. Not just a typical distributor.

3) Content that is relevant for your audience.

This might sound obvious but you'd be surprised to how quickly people ignore this and go right for the pitch, the ask for the DM or posting the link to a webinar nobody asked for.

When people get onto social media, they come in for one thing which is ENTERTAINMENT.

But if they happen to see something that might happen to hit a pain point and has an actual solution to that pain point, that is also just as if not more relevant to them.

4) Tap into those hungry buyers.

You've probably heard the saying, "People love to buy but hate feeling like they're being sold to."

This couldn't be more apparent in social media.

Because people will only buy if they see it as a way to solve their problems.

You're not selling the next new generation of iphone or galaxy tablet which people will buy no matter what.

You're selling something that has an actual impact on them depending on the choice they make.

5) Turning Customers into Business Partners.

Any customers you get is already a foot in the door. If they understand and like the products, there's a likelihood they may become fans of that product.

Keeping track of the customers you have is also keeping tabs on how many potential business partners you could have in the future.

When you put all of this together, your ultimate goal is "Going for a Yes" to your business.

And this is exactly what a top networking leader in the space was teaching.

Want to see more in depth how using these 5 things allowed her to get 3042 people to say yes to her products and opportunity?

You can click on the link here to check out the free video series.

This article was published on 28.05.2021 by Kevin Williams
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