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I am sure you have heard if something offered as free, it probably has no value.  That is not the case when it comes to course offered by My Online Startup (MOS).  It really teaches a complete beginner how build sustainable and profitable online business.

The course is offered via 50 high quality training videos by Chuck Nguyen.  The first lesson begins with “How To Get Started?” Overall, the training is an excellent newbie friendly and easy to grasp.

The training is offered after you sign up as a FREE member with MOS.  The training quickly goes into earning by being affiliate with Clickbank, which is also free to join.

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In nutshell, the free course contains:

  • Getting started Training- 21-minute video outlining what you can expect
  • Game Plan- 36-minute video on affiliate marketing option- the best way to start online
  • Success Mindset- To succeed, you need to have proper mindset. 3-hours of training is the best.
  • Lead Generation- over 2-hours of training on how to generate leads.  The basics of any business is knowing how to generate leads.
  • Authority Platform- 2 hours of training how to set up blog and its importance for online business
  • YouTube Marketing- YouTube can be powerful marketing tool. Over 40 minutes of video training provided.
  • Traffic Generation- For business you need traffic to generate leads. Over 90 minutes of video covers traffic generation techniques.

Interestingly, training course can be best in the world, but if you do not learn from it, then it is not the training that is bad.  Perhaps, it has to do with you.  All training can do is provide you with know-how.

The training provides feedback necessary- you can ask question within membership are you can ask question within Facebook community; you can comment or leave feedback after each video.  Furthermore, the pre-recorded videos can be re-winded, fast-forwarded, and paused at any time.

Get Your FREE Training Here!

Chuck makes it seem making money online is simple. It is certainly not.  However, he makes it clear that you cannot have unrealistic expectations or starting 6-figure income right away.  He has also warned about comparing your earning progress with others.  He emphasizes that no one else can ensure your success but you only.

The membership is FREE and so is training.  Of course, MOS expects you to become a partner to share profit with them.  But that is optional.  As a matter of fact, you can also earn as a free member.  As matter of fact, you will be doing a great service by referring people (newbies too) to the free training.  Yes, indeed the training is priceless.

This article was published on 24.07.2020 by Prakash Kunjeer
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