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Been there done that...and still no closed sales??? Then this may be the opportunity that you have been looking for: catch the the wave...Lightwave that is... 

We are in one-hundred countries and have over 80 patents. The company has been in existence for 15 years promoting their flagship product  X-39...and rightly so. 

X-39 is the NEXT WAVE IN HEALTH AND WEALTHNESSabout...BY using stealth technology, the stem cell controversy is about using therapy that is invasive, toxic, and not always 100 percent successful.  Individuals are hard pess to pay $10,000 an injection with an average of five...that equates to %50,000 just to enhance the mesenchymal stem cells. 

The required donation of another persons mesenchymal stem cell is no guarantee to a healthy outcome

ENTER X-39 i-- a non-invasive, non-toxic stem cell activation patch -- an crystalline amino acid that uses light which acts as a catalyst to target the GHK-CU tri-peptide that innervates the pluripotent stem cell in your body that becomes inactive after age 60 years...

So the take away is regeneration and rejuvenation a HUGE industry that is taking health and wellness by the storm. 

Get ready... get set...and grow, grow, grow NEW stem cells  and start reaping the rewards of a proven technology by watching the promo video from Lifewave International. Take back control over your health, and wealth, by using stealth technology!




Try-Before-U-Buy: Receive five stem cell activation patches by request and follow the instructions

Become a product-of-the-product and become your own testimony to share with others how the stem cell activation patch is your discovery to recovery...The company has X-39...but the inventor and CEO David Schmidt has over ten patches that target specific areas. Tis is GREAT and he is always adding NEW patches. By being a product-of-the-product -- THERE IS NO FAKE IT TILLYOU MAKE IT....your success is sharing with new prospects via zoom  health and wealth which is simultaneously acknowledged  by stealth which is using high tech with soft touch. A  distributor will receive a FREE corporate website that sell and tells... backed by research...and other distributor' testimonies to include yours

Receive seamless connectivity through the Lifewave mobile app and use three-way calling from your upline sponsor to close a prospect in 100 plus countries and in the host's language , Watch THIS IS LIFEWAVE both in English versions and non-English versions...


This article was published on 23.08.2021 by Raymond Ebbeler
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Lifewave - Patches for health, 99 USD to join

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