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No One Is Joining Me!

I have talked to several members and have been given various different stories with the same theme. They are contacting people, sending requests, sending links, taking a phone call here and there BUT no one is joining them.

Here is the hard truth. The ARE NOT going to join you. Online marketing is very different these days. You need to build a relationship with people today. Of course, if your company has a hot product like mine, it is much easier.

How do you pick up women (guys)? How do people get very high paying jobs? How do some people just seem to attract people while others repel them?

If you knew the answer to these questions, and applied them to your business, you would be well on your way to wealth and fame.

I can tell you that I never beg people to look at my links. They ask me to see them. I don't ask people to join me in my business. They ask me if I would be willing to work with them.

As I read through the announcements on this platform, I see person after person, talking about how great their business is and sending links. If you are doing this...STOP!

So what is the answer, Sean? What should I do?

I'll try to make this short and sweet. You should treat all of your prospects as potential employees, rather than customers. Demand from them. Do not give to them. Free this, free that, free content, free eBook, free samples and every other giveaways have to be stopped immediately.

Do you offer someone a free gift when the come in for a job interview? You do not! You demand from them.

Here's one other thing. Do not try to build your business for free. This means Facebook, free classifieds and any other free BS you find on the internet.

When you market, you market to where real qualified buyers are. Visit the websites of high end companies. Look at who is advertising there. These companies are not placing ads on Craigslist my friends. Remember the old but relevant adage, "if you hang with dogs, you will get fleas!"

Okay, now that I have burst your bubble, what's the answer? 

You need to build a following of people that respect you. You need a following of people that love you and want to here from you.

This article was published on 15.11.2017 by Sean Kelly
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