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Forever Living Products (FLP) was established in 1978.Forever Living Products founder and CEO is Rex Maughn what motivated him wasn'nt money he had a very successful carreer before starting Forever Living Products he realised he wanted to make a change and decided to do something about it and help others like you and me to do the same.Can you imagine having the courage to lead a promsing carreer.Forever Living isn't a get rich quick scheme and our products dont make promises they can't keep.What we do have is an opportunity for everyone regardless of their circumstances to build a better life and feel empowered to be in business for themselves.It is a chance to make a truly significant change in your life without any risk and the best part you are in control of your success,you get out what you put in finally an opportunity to be who you want to be .Forever Living Products was established on one major principle to make others look better and feel better.We do this in two ways first by providing you with a powerful range of health and beauty products.Second by providing you with a generous and fair business opportunity. We are passionate about our products and the people love them.We hold ourselves to a high standard of quality not because it cool or trendy or because someone told us to do it that way but because we believe it a right thing to do. We put our money where our mouth is this means we own the grounds where our aloe grows.The fantastic people that plant and harvest our aloe are part of our Forever Family. We own the manufacturing facilities,the research and development,the quality control laboratories and even the distribution channels we don't stop there because we are constantly investing new technologies and equipments to ensure that the highest quality for the lowest possible cost from plant to product to you. Our pure  staberlised  Aloe Vera is at the heart of our entire product land.Spending all major health and beauty catergories including weight management, vitamin supplement, skin care,personal care, colour comestics and essential oils.Our products help people everywhere the people you know are your customers are all around you I bet you know people who would like to loose weight or would like a little bit more energy. Everyone wants to look better and feel better by sharing these products our Forever Business Owners people just like you are able to build an income by helping each other that how our business works by rewarding you for sharing your anthusiasim about the things that you love whether you are looking for discount in prices or a little bit extra spending money, a new car, a whole new career Forever can help you.Forever has a reward structure that has remained essentially unchanged for the very first beginning.Some might suggest this is old fashioned but we believe if it not broke dont fix it.The reward structure we call it the Marketing plan.The FLP marketing plan provides a detailed map to help you get where you want to go it filled with incentives, bonuses and opportunities they give you the tools you need to build your business at your own phase while rewarding you for your own hardwork.As you build your business with Forever you will be fermilia with all the incentives and opportuinities such as our forever2drive program which can help you earn money for that brand new car you want,global travel with our managers retreat and our global rally incentive we even have our generous chairmans bonus  program that gives you access to millions of dollars in anual rewards this opportunity is everywhere.We sell the Forever business opportunity in over 155 countries our business expands the globe and allows you  to build your team where ever life takes you.This opportunity can be as big as your dreams and as rewarding as you are willing to work for.When you start your business with Forever  you are in business for yourself but not by yourself our company leadership and Forever Business Owners are always able to provide support training and encouragement.We have industry leading products and a proven record of success. We wil be paid millions of bonuses next year.What I love most about FLP is the fact that your children will inherit your Forever Business.Forever will take care of your following generations.Forever Living is a fantastic opportunity.Forever has helped millions of people around the world change the way they live their lives and smile this is an opportunity I've seen work for millions of people around the world.We have an expression that goes like if what you do doesn't make you smile change it.The aim of the business is into improve your life in health and in wealth.The business is for everyone.Our products are 97% pure aloe vera and bee products. FLP is currently occupying the number one spot of the worlds best MLM company for the past few years.Our products are safe for all age and all religions. We have testimonies available for you anytime.The company gives us the opportunity to

1. Be your own boss

2. Work around home

3. Build your empire and a legacy for your children and future generation

4.  Take your children to best schools

5. Travel the world all expenses paid for by FLP plus spending money

6. Drive your dream car paid for by FLP for 36 months

7. Own shares of FLP company ( big cheques)

8. Be financial free no credits no loans everything cash. 

The question isn't will Forever work? It is will Forever work for you? I believe it will so come and join 

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This article was published on 26.06.2016 by Nokulunga Mnguni
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