Introducing an astounding new Stem Cell Nutrition supplement and opportunity!

Early in 2006 I was first introduced to the concept of stem cell nutrition, I was intrigued partly because of my strong science background and I had issues that I thought what I learned about this new category creator could help. I started using this new stem cell nutrition supplement and got positive results in days.

But first, what are adult stem cells since this subject of stem cell nutrition requires a basic understanding at least. When each of us were first conceived, we began as a single cell or zygote. This is the first mother cell or adult stem cell. From that single cell our bodies developed through replication, differentiation and transformation into our physical body. From the day of our birth we are endowed with a natural system of renewal and regeneration.

This stem cell renewal system is comprised of a number of mother cells or adult stem cells homed or residing in our bone marrow who twin off identical copies to be released into the blood circulation for transport to all the various tissues and organs in need of repair on demand. Once delivered to the problem areas, they are capable of transforming into any type of cell tissue. Nerve, muscle, blood cells, connective tissue etc. They do require the assistance of cytokines and information from cells in the area to complete their mission. It is interesting to note that IGF-1 Growth Factor whose production is promoted by ingredients in PhytoZon is one of 3 primary cytokines directing the transition process.

However, as we age for many reasons our stem cells do not release in the numbers they did when we were young. Perhaps you may remember when you were 5 or 6 and you managed to get a minor cut on your finger and it seemed to repair itself nearly overnight. Well, later in life at 40 or so it tends to linger in the healing process. It's because your stem cell repair system for many reasons again it tending to slow down and not releasing as many stem cells as readily as it used to.Fortunately, several natural botanical ingredients have been identified and demonstrate the ability to cause a substantial increase in the release of adult stem cells in circulation! It appears that a high level of health and wellness is directly proportional to the number of circulating stem cells. More circulating stem cells equate to better overall health. Simple as that!

They are now available in American Dream Nutrition's "Stem Cell Release Factor" in effective concentrations at a reasonable price. This new stem cell nutrition product used in combination with ADN's Clear Heart, PhytoZon and even Get Juiced will effectively support the production, release, transport and differentiation or transformation of you own adult stem cells enabling them to replace damaged or worn out cells of your body. Also it is important to note that there are No Stem Cells in this product from any source whatsoever. American Dream Nutrition is unmatched in the industry in compensation to its affiliates and value to customers. I'm looking for leaders!

This article was published on 02.10.2019 by Bruce Higgins
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