CBDs For Your Health and Wellness

Cannabidiol ( CBD ) is making major news headlines across the globe. It is making news not just because of its ability to bring our bodies back to a good balance but there are also many claims being made about its supposed medical benefits.

Cannabis has been used by ancient and modern civilizations for millennia for both its medical and nutritional benefits. Cannabis was first documented by the Chinese around 3000BC and was listed as one of the 50 herbal medicines in their book of Pharmacopoeia. Cannabis has over the last 100 years been classified as a narcotic drug, as dangerous as heroin, with no medical benefits and a big potential for abuse. With the rapidly changing cannabis laws across the nation and globe, we are starting to see signs of governments changing their position on cannabis.

There has been an explosion amongst people and pets using CBD as both a nutritional supplement and many claims been made about it being used as a treatment for many diseases and conditions. The undeniable facts are out there and CBD does have many peer-reviewed medical properties such as an anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti-seizure, reduce the risk of diabetes and able to fight certain types of cancerous cells. In fact, the Food and Drug Administration ( FDA ) has recently approved a CBD based medicine, Epidiolex, as a treatment for seizures in certain types of epilepsy diseases.  

The evidence for CBD medical propertiesare piling up through scientific research and PubMed has conducted over 2000 cannabis studies on both humans and animals alike and the results are looking very promising. CBD is not only a great treatment for diseases and conditions but also a legally great nutritional supplement.  

CBD has an ability to travel through our bloodstreams and connect directly to millions of receptors found in our bodies. Our Endocannabinoid System ( ECS ) is comprised of both our immune and nervous system and the ECS is primarily responsible for many bodily functions including and not limited to memory, movement, mood and appetite. CBD connects through the bloodstream to our ECS and activates tiny CB1 and CB2 receptors that allow regulation of communication and cell production in our bodies. CBD naturally brings back our bodies into balance by connecting to our ECS and this is known as homoeostasis. When our body is in balance, we tend to have a better quality of life, health and wellness. When our body is out of balance we get stressed, experience headaches, feeling run down and have a lack of energy.  

CBD oils have many benefits when used daily and have been known to provide people with relief from anxiety, stress, sleeplessness and even help them feel relaxed. CBD is well known for its pain management properties and a little bit of CBD cream or gel can be rubbed on sensitive areas of your body which will then provide hours of relief and comfort.  

CBD is a non-active cannabis compound and will not cause you to get “high”. It is also non-toxic, all natural and the side effects taking too much are not at all severe. You might experience a dry mouth, dizziness or restlessness. Remember when consuming CBD for the first, start “low and slow”, increasing your levels of intake slowly.  

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Ref: https://www.fda.gov/newsevents/newsroom/pressannouncements/ucm611046.htm

This article was published on 18.10.2018 by Duncan Wierman
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