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How Distributor Centric Sales Model Drives Business Growth?

Many network marketing organizations in the market are facing a dilemma: how to maintain steady growth or even ensure the sustainability of their businesses. Competition among direct sales companies is getting more intense, and distributors often feel disengaged. In order to drive growth, organizations are constantly looking for new strategies that will help them maintain a competitive edge in the marketplace. One such strategy is the distributor-centric sales model, which has been proven to be an effective tool for boosting performance and growing the customer base of direct sales companies. This distributor-centric model is incorporated with advanced features that ensure direct sales companies that their distributors do not feel disengaged.

  • Rank advancement system

Rank advancement is a key feature of direct sales business. The direct sales companies developed a system to allow distributors to advance through the ranks. This way, as they become more involved in the process and improve their skills, they can be rewarded accordingly. The feature ensures that direct sales distributors stay motivated by automatically promoting them to higher levels based on criteria that companies set up. 

  • Customized distributor dashboard

Custom distributor dashboard was designed to help distributors monitor their performance. It allows them to have a clear understanding of the different things that are going on with their business and gives an overview of what is happening in all aspects: team, sales, and personal development. This is accomplished through intuitive graphs that provide a great overview for everyone involved in the network marketing company.

  • Distributor learning management system

Learning is one of the most important aspects for distributors. Distributors are always looking for new ways to improve their sales and marketing skills. The LMS is specifically designed for distributors by a direct sales company. This system offers customizable courses, live training, online workshops, etc.

  • Smartened CRM

A CRM is not just a system for tracking customer interactions but it's also an integrated sales tool that helps you in understanding your customers better so that you can develop more strategic and personalized offers for them. For distributors, the task of creating an efficient workflow process was never easy. But with increased competition and shortened time-to-market cycles, distributors need a way to stay competitive. The CRM was also integrated with a live marketing module specially for the distributors to manage their promotional activities right from the platform.

This article was published on 18.01.2023 by Noufal P Bava
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