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Do not Think and Grow Rich

I am sure you have either read or heard about the 'Think And Grow Rich'.

Of all the principles of Think and Grow Rich!, the principle of Desire is important of all. The desire the author is about wanting. The wanting is not just about dreaming or wishful thinking.

That is, you must want something that you are willing to work towards attaining it. Simple dreaming and wishing is undefined and totally non-committal. If you want something, it is well defined and you acting towards that want.

So, what do I mean by "Don't think and grow rich"?

Simply put, if you want something, do not make decisions based on your own thinking alone. It is no secret that if you wanted something, you could have achieved that with your current mindset.

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But YOU DID NOT. Not meaning to be rude, but simply that you need to switch.

Surely, your mind sets what you want. But you need to switch your mindset. Preferably, think like someone you admire or someone who has attained the success in the areas of the want.

Why you ask?

When you imagine yourself being another person and think like that person, your decision will be different. That decision is more likely to give you the result that you want!

For example, if you want to become an investor like Warren Buffett, when you make an investment decision, ask yourself, will Warren Buffett invest in it?

Of course, to be able to do that, you need to study. You will also need to research. So, it is no longer just what you want. You will be taking actions to attain what you want. And you are ready to take actions so your want is not just a want but, now or eventually, will be reality that you have accomplished.

There is essential reasoning for needing to switch your mindset. But as time moves on, to attain what you want may also need specialized knowledge or skills. No one ever becomes rich with just a general knowledge, specialized knowledge or skills are required- either you have them, or you learn them.

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The other key element of the mindset switch is that you are willing to accept momentary failure along the path. Your persistence in taking actions is necessary to be successful. Persistence is possible if you have a burning desire for the fulfillment of the want. It will require friendship and alliance with encouraging people, and a willingness to shut out negative and discouraging influences.

This article was published on 05.06.2020 by Prakash Kunjeer
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