Hi I'm Lindsey and I work for fm world! I love what I do!! Well who DOESN'T love fragrances right?

So with Fm World its..

Free to join or leave!


Unlike other MLM companies mine doesn't have an active quota!

We have 7 incentives including a car and home bonus that you have the potential to hit 12 times!!

Its 30% instant commission.. but thats nothing compared to the incentive potential!

Fm World gives you 12 free accounts to help balance your tree after you've hit level 9!!

If you'd like more information you can find me on fb Lindsey Browning as well bc thats where I hold my team triaings!! So please have a Facebook page even just for training to use on any platform including this one. I don't have a team page on here or I wouldn't need fb! 

This platform is MORE than suitable for advertising! We launch the beginning of Sept.. although we are still working beforehand anyway to get a head of our launch! Proving to be successful since my team has slayed our first compensation plan way before launch back in FEBRUARY!! 

Send me a message to see if Fm World is suitable for you.

We have designer fragrances made in the drom facility in Germany where the big designers make theirs! The difference is they don't own the notes they only own their name and bottle! We use our bottles and add up to 20% oils to bring their AUE DE TOILETS to life!! Making them last stronger andomger than the designers!! The quality is incredible and your customers will never have to pay over 30.00 for any designer fragrances they love!! Even one on the market for 410.00 we sell for 25.00!!! And it lasts all day compared to the designer!

Remember you don't have to break the bank for luxury.. you just have to know the right fm world partner!! We have no fees, kits, quotas,  or obligations.. if you sell alot you'll make a lot of money.. if you don't.. you won't lose anything! Its my firm belief you shouldn't have to spend money to make money! Remember we launch soon so 

This article was published on 21.07.2021 by Lindsey Browning
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FM World - Beauty, fragrances, Free to join

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