This is exactly what I did - straight talk about Bitcoin

Opportunities are abundant and they are everywhere. The best opportunities are the ones that we find enjoyable to do, those that we can be passionate about. This is important even when you are in need of a secondary income, residual income or "side hustle". 

I came across this opportunity a long while back and I had already decided that I would only share it with you once I was certain that 3 very important criteria were met.

1. I must not lose any money

2. It must not be a waste of time and effort

3. It must be simple to understand

My goal was to successfully and painlessly participate in the cryptocurrency market. I had no money and would not pay (nor trust) an "account manager". I wanted to take a no-risk approach. One where I either come out with more money, (no losses or regrets), or having gained nothing but an interesting experience.

Well here we are - I have my own Bitcoin and I have moved on to trading.

I started with this crypto mining browser >>

This web browser is unique in that there are added benefits for protecting your data by turning on features within the browser. The actual mining itself happens in the background, you do not need to be browsing the internet to mine, however you must ensure that you at the very least open the app - then continue with whatever else. 

I mined Bitcoin for a few months and then moved my coins to my Bitcoin wallet [keep this code if you decide on Luno CTSXPY, Luno will also give you a code to pay it forward. Share & care.] 

I did this by myself and for myself,... So can you! 

Of course there is much more to come with cryptocurrency. I keep up with news and articles to learn more and try to predict how the world will be using it in the future. I am not an expert in cryptocurrency, but yet still I was not an accountant when I made my first bank deposit. 

Whatever and wherever cryptocurrency leads us to, I hope that you will have taken this opportunity to create something for you and your family. Especially when I have shared a method with you where there is nothing for you to lose. 

This article was published on 08.09.2021 by Seiphi Manthe
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Cryptotabbrowser - Financial , Free to join

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