The Bitcoin blueprint... Buy and then Multiply

Digital currency must be one of the greatest wonders in the world . Understanding that money can be equated to money made in cyber space is quite daunting. I first got exposed to it earlier in the year , say January. I just sort of noticed that some websites had an additional payment processor called the bitcoin. My interest was piqued. What is the bitcoin? I read up on it and found out that it is digital money (or digital currency) also what most would call cryptocurrency. The bitcoin uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority or banks; managing monetary transactions which are carried out collectively by the network. What this means is: nobody owns or controls bitcoins and more essentially everyone can take part.

Wow!!! Even better! so i took a look at the current worth of a bitcoin. As of the time of this article, 1Bitcoin = $663. And so my research began. I found out free ways to accumulate bitcoins, most of which are time wasters. I dug out more ways to acquire the coins by paid methods and i found. More interestly, i found that bitcoins could be mined (a term used for digging out precious metals or stones). I found out many way to mine bitcoins and found out that those methods were pretty slow and yield only a little at a time. It was a good method but there exists too many scams out there. Promising to cloud mine bitcoins for you only to shut down after few weeks.

So i have found a preferred method of acquiring bitcoins. I would suggest that you buy bitcoins from one of my preferred places called local bitcoins and then Multiply the bitcoins gotten with a program called COINCE. Let me show you my income from coince in 2months. I joined in May and i have more than tripled my income in this short time without doing anything.

You can download my bitcoin blueprint from this LINK.

One more thing, you might and will hear about so many other cryptocurrencies but only one is doing this well and that is the bitcoin. This is not to say that other cryptocurrencies won't do equally well. This is to say that the BITCOIN is the strongest and most used digital currency and attention should be paid to it. You just might walk into a shop in your neighbourhood and see : BITCOIN ACCEPTED HERE

This article was published on 16.07.2016 by Ifiok Bina
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