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In less than two months of pre-launch of the Meta Force Ecosystem, more members have recently become millionaires. 

The Meta Force has a series of different products and projects lined up in the roadmap for members to enjoy for a long period of time. It has the Classic program going on now, the Royalty NFT coming soon, the metaverse, the boost, the uniteverse, the force coin etc. In the classic that is ongoing, members get instant payments via smart contract to their wallets, and a 100% of the turnover of the income goes to the participants, thirdly it's a community where members help each other to make money, and the distribution of capital is clear and fair. 

Basically, the Meta Force is a global Cryptocurrency Ecosystem of instant profit distribution on smart contracts. The system belongs to us and is fully decentralized, which means it is transparent, secure and resistant to external influences. The platform is open and available to everyone. The process of entering the community and starting to make a profit is so simple that you only need a laptop or a smartphone with an Internet connection. Develop matrix platforms and invite partners to the structure, for which you get remuneration in POLYGON and DAI crypto currencies. 

Note that in this program, transactions are processed in the blockchain by a smart contract and cannot be changed or stopped even by the creator of the program and the transfer of funds goes directly to the participants' personal wallets with no hidden fees or use of third-party resources. This, every reward earned belongs entirely to the individual and can be used immediately; therefore there is no risk of losing money in this business. 

With the announcement above, the next thing will be how do you start earning with the Meta Force?

1. Create a wallet and fund it with DAI and a little MATIC (to pay transaction fees). Meta Force works better with Trust Wallet and Metamask.

2. Go through the DApps of your Trust wallet or Browser of your Metamask  and register with this link

Remember your wallet network should be on Polygon mainnet. 

3. Now you'll activate levels in the Meta Force Classic program to increase your income as there will be spillovers from the entire team. The Classic program has 12 different levels with which you can earn from. 

Note: In activating new levels, a number of free SFC (Stable Force Classic) which is the native stable token will be given to you depending on the levels being activated. And also note that there is a 50% discount on the purchase of levels for now and it'll soon be over. 

This article was published on 17.08.2022 by Abiye Dappa
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