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The Next Legacy MLM Company?

I have been involved in the MLM, Network Marketing profession for over 6 years and have truly become a student of this profession. I've studied dozens of companies and have watched some skyrocket while others plummet. I have always wanted to know "WHY" some companies continue to grow while others lose momentum and fall off the face of the planet. My curiosity has led me into an understanding of what makes a company good and what makes a company great.

Is it leadership? Corporate leadership or distributor leadership? Is it a significant product line? Proprietary products or just unique enough? Is it the right pay plan? Maybe it's the company's culture? Do they give back to the right causes?

I'm sure an argument could be made for each one of these, but in my experience it is when a company has all of the above along with the demonstrated ability to innovate when needed and a responsible expansion strategy. This is what we see in LEGACY companies. Companies that stand the test of time and become a BRAND. So if we can cut through all the hype and rah rah, we can align ourselves with the RIGHT company at the RIGHT time with the RIGHT partners.

Although I encourage you to continue building where you are, if you are open to an opportunity that I believe is the next LEGACY company within MLM we should definitely connect. I truly believe this company is going to make history. No hype. No rah rah. No bull. JUST FACTS. You see, sometimes it's hard to see other opportunities when you are so focused on winning in your current company and there's nothing wrong with that! But sometimes making a strategic and logical business decision can help you achieve your goals and dreams more efficiently. At the end of the day, we are all building our own business within our MLM company, so our success is truly up to us!

Visit my site for more info or reach out to me personally and I would love to chat about anything related to MLM, business or success! Anything I can do to help add value to your life and/or business I am willing to do! Best regards and best wishes on your journey to success!

- Will Fitzgerald

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This article was published on 07.08.2015 by William Fitzgerald
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