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What Ants Can Teach You About Business?

Often you have been told that you can learn from other’s failures and accomplishments.  But all experiences faced by other human beings may not apply for various reasons.  It is like learning from drunkard how to stay sober.  But what if we can learn from other creatures, such as ants.  Why ants, you ask.  Because ants can teach us how they succeed time and time again.  Ants can teach us great deal in the areas of business.

Have you ever seen an army of ants trying to capture and carry away food crumbs?

No matter how far the crumbs are, one will find it. Then another. Then another. And soon, you have several them surrounding the crumbs. Then they work in unison carrying the crumbs away over some uneven terrain to wherever they are going to go.  This ants’ ritual is a great lesson in itself- Somethings, you cannot do it yourself.  You may have the drive, but ultimately you must be willing to work in unison with other folks to help you get where you want to go. 

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Learning when to rest and when to work

Ants work with natural seasons.  In summer they gather their food.  In winter they hibernate to conserve energy.  Ants know when to stop.  The concept is applicable to humans also.  You need to know when to stop.  There is no reason to reach burnout stage.  So, it needs to be understood that you need to schedule periods of rest.

Think BIG & Be Driven By Purpose

Ants my seem to be the most insignificant insects on earth because of their size.  But do not let that fool you.  But the colonies they build and their contribution to the ant society in general is significant indeed.  In the case of ants, their sole purpose is to find food for the colony.  That is the PURPOSE.  So, all time and energy are dedicated to that purpose enabling ants to succeed. They are focused.  Most human being are not focused as they are engaged in activities that drift them away from focusing.

In thinking big, you need to have long term objective

Preparing Ahead of Time

Ants are aware that they need to prepare their food in summer, because there may not be food in winter.  So, they are constant preparing for a season which is yet to come.  One can argue that ants have no temptations like human being have.  That is true indeed.  But humans, like ants, can prioritize their activities such that there is also room for time out activities.  Most humans prioritize entertainment over activities crucial for their success.

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Work As a Team

Ants are team workers to achieve their tasks.  But their team effort is evident in maintaining health within their colony.  When few ants in a colony are infected by a disease, they spread the disease within the colony- by licking it off one another, with each ant receiving as much of the disease that their individual immune system can fight off effectively. Living for yourself is a lonely existence.

You as a human being may be able to succeed on your own, but to achieve something substantial in life, you need to align with others so you can propel even further. Like it or not, the concept of interdependency is crucial for long term success. Serving people, you can live beyond yourself and add significance to your life by contributing positively.

This article was published on 11.11.2020 by Prakash Kunjeer
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