Tips to writing a winning business announcement in MLM gateway

Introduction to writing a winning business announcement

In this announcement, I am going to break down some of the key components to writing a winning business announcement here at MLM gateway. I have spent a great amount of time reading a lot of announcements have realized that most are leaving money on the table. What I will write here is my point of view, so let's jump into some of the key things

Proper training to win in mlm gateway

I have no doubt that announcements here at MLM gateway can rank well on search engines. Everything in life is built upon a foundation. When it comes to making money online the foundation is proper education and mentorship. It is the reason why I have been mentored since 2015 by this amazing community of online entrepreneur from different parts of the world.They have one common goal to help you build a strong foundation that you build upon, especially with the subject of making money online. Whatever I am going to share is something I have learned from that platform. Writing an announcement is no different from blogging, which requires training. 

Not using keywords in you mlm gateway business announcements 

Secondly, You need to do keyword research before writing a business announcement. Keyword research is finding words that people are searching for on the internet so that your announcement will get on the first page of google. Once you find keywords you write your announcement around those keywords. 

Not helping but selling 

90% of people end up giving up because all they do is sell, sell and sell. The key is to educate/share tips/strategies with people about certain topics. If you are writing an announcement make sure it's of value and it helps people. If someone is reading your announcement they should have the feeling that says WOW I have learned something I didn’t know. That way you build trust, once you build trust you have a relationship with people and you will become business partners. Whenever I write I do 80% education and 20% sell. 

Not growing your connections inside MLM gateway

There is a built-in a feature here in MLM gateway which is called connections. This works the same as email marketing. Each time you share an announcement, it will be broadcasted to the number of people you are connected to. I have been working on growing my connections lately within MLM gateway so that each time I write my connections will be notified. If I don’t share something valuable I will have low interactions on my announcement. So the tip here is to grow your connection within MLM gateway.

Video with more tips business announcements in MLM gateway

What the video below I have added more tips about business announcements here at MLM gateway


In my ending, become a storyteller. Remember facts tell, stories sell. Be unique, educate more and sell less. People will connect with you because of the value you bring to them. 

Did I miss anything in this announcement? Or maybe you have something to add or even a question. 

Please leave a comment below I would like to hear from you

This article was published on 01.05.2019 by Kudakwashe Sape Tshuma
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Kudakwashe Sape Tshuma Thanks so much for the feed back Jaye I appreciate   1 year ago
Jaye Carden Great stuff Kudakwashe! I know these tips you've shared do work! Hopefully people will actually pay attention to them. Great job!  1 year ago

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