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Wanting to Get Free Leads on Facebook for Your MLM Biz Opp?

If you asked a successful networker where they did most of their recruiting and built their organizations from, I'd guarantee you that almost all of them would tell you "Facebook."

But why Facebook of all places?

Well to put it plain and simple, Facebook is flat-out the best place for most networkers.

And the biggest reason for that is because Facebook is by far one of the best platforms to establish and build relationships on.

Now that's one thing but what about your actual products and services?

Isn't Facebook a place where people just want to kill the time and scroll through cat videos, food posts and random selfies?

Actually yes ;)

However there is in fact a way to get people interested in your business opportunity without sounding like a needy used car salesman who needs a sale to pay the electric bill for the month.

And it's called the 5-Day Posting For Profits Challenge.

You see it's not really a secret on how some networkers are blowing up their organizations on Facebook.

And the host of this challenge who has made a consistent six figure income is basically going to spill the details.

But how is it people can talk about their products or opportunity on social media and get people interested?

The biggest one at the end of the day is doing it in a way that tells people that what you have can solve their problem and how it can do it.

The other big thing is "being a product of your product."

It's really about showing people what results either you've gotten or results somebody else has gotten from using the same product or service.

You wanna know how NOT to promote on Facebook?

By doing things like:

-Spamming your wall with your business opportunity

-Making posts with any affiliate link on your post

-Slipping into people's DM's and immediately talking about your business

-Spamming people's comments about your business opportunity

Trust me these things are way more common than you'd expect and the amount of money people tend to make off of those types of tactics? About a whopping $0 from doing so.

Now $0 definitely doesn't sound like a sexy amount of money to be earning in your business opportunity.

So it first starts with straying away from those types of methods of promoting. Because you'll have zero friends in no time with that approach.

Instead we're talking about posting in a way that gets your product message out there without sounding like the bill collector that people avoid at all costs.

In the 5 part video series you'll be learning the following things:

-How to prime your Facebook profile and give people a clear understanding of what you do

-How to identify the perfect person that will best respond to your content

-How to construct a post that exposes your products to people while at the same time getting them interested in it.

-And some of the best kept secrets that many successful networkers will only share with on their team.

So if creating fresh interested leads on Facebook sounds like a good deal but you're not looking to sound salesy and desperate, check out the free 5-Day Posting For Profits Challenge Here.

This article was published on 29.06.2021 by Kevin Williams
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