You can have financial independence

If I could show you a better way to financial independence whilst enjoying a better quality of life would you join me? 

How important is your health?

If your answer is yes to both questions then book an appointment with me and I will show exactly how I can help in both areas. 

We have a "Game plan" that has been in place for 24 years and has made many millionaires. I will show you that same game plan for free. If you can recruit 5 people on a monthly basis you will become a millionaire in Ascendis Health Direct. 90% of your recruits will just be product users. What you need to do is find 5 leaders that also recruit 5 per month and you will make more money than ever dreamt of. When you have got your 5 leaders in place you have got 2 jobs. Train them properly because knowledge is power. We do training for 2 hours every Thursday and every Saturday. Job #2 you must help your 5 leaders find their 5, so you work with 30 people. That is your future and then help them to grow and earn more money than they have earned before because then they will never leave you. When you have got 30 leaders earning big money you will achieve financial independence.

We have 2 brands under the Ascendis Health Direct umberella, Sportron and Swissgarde. We have the only license for Foodstate nutrients in Africa which falls under the Sportron brand. Our nutrients are more than 12 times more absorbed than those inorganic supplements that you buy in the stores. Foodstate nutrients are molecularly bonded to protein, lipids, carbohydrates, bioflavanoids and enzymes. Protein carries the nutrient and delivers it into the cell where it is needed and is effective for more than 24 hours. We have many more products to numerous to mention here but you can get on the website and go through the catalogue.

We are not getting the nutrition our  bodies need on a daily basis because of the way our food is processed today so we have to supplement. If I am going to take supplements for the rest of my life I want to know that they are working in my body. Foodstate works with over 300 clinical trials to prove it. 

We don't sell products. So we don't keep stock, no deliveries, no taking of cash or banking etc. so no overhead costs. We have no joining fees. 

check out our website

contact Malcolm Stewart +27 72 202 8204 or emial

This article was published on 25.10.2016 by Malcolm Stewart
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Ascendis Health Direct - Foodstate nutrients, Free to join

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