Top 5 Reasons Working From Home is Better Than a Traditional Job

There are truly some great benefits to working from home.  Those that already work from home know that it was the best decision they ever made and that their life is better as a result.  Besides hating your current job and wanting to tell your boss where he can shove his job, there are many other great reasons to have a home office.

No Commute

When you work from home, there is obviously no drive time or traffic to deal with.  We spend an incredible amount of time in our vehicles and some people even spend 2-3 hours a day commuting to and from work.  The cost saving alone would be a great reason to work from home, but add to that the stress level that most of us experience when we are stuck in traffic and you have a excellent case for a home based business. Imagine finishing breakfast, having a cup of coffee on the back patio, and then walking calmly to your home office space to begin your day.  How much more productive and happy would you be if your day started like that as opposed to a chaotic, stuffy, stressful car ride in to the office.

More Family Time

All of us desire to spend more time with our family.  If you take out the commute as well as the hours spent actually at work, you have a lot more time to spare.  Having a home based business is a lot of work, but being your own boss allows you the freedom to schedule your own day.  If little Suzy has a dance recital, you can prioritize your day so that you still get work done, but you can attend the event.  Vacations become much easier to take as well.  No need to ask for time off and most of the time, you can even get a little work done while on vacation if needed.

You are Your Boss

When you work for someone else and they are the one paying you, you tend to slack off a bit and be less productive.  We've all done it.... haven't you called in sick just because you didn't feel like going in to work?  When you are your own boss, you are responsible for your wages and success, so you tend to put more work into it and be more productive. 

Work in Your Pajamas

The option to work in your pajamas is there, which is comforting to know... however it is important to create a proper work environment and get dressed and made up for the day.  The point is, you technically don't HAVE to get dressed every morning if you don't want to.  I personally find it more productive to take a shower, put my makeup on and get dressed (even if it's just in a pair of jeans and a tshirt).  Mentally, this will get you focused on the job at hand.  But if I feel like it, I can just stay in my sweats and work.  It's nice having that freedom.

Keep Your Money

When you are your own boss, the money you make is YOURS... not some company or boss.  I used to find it really hard to go to work every day and watch the higher ups in the company drive in to work in their luxury vehicles and go home to their expensive houses.  They wouldn't have those luxuries if it wasn't for employees like myself.  I hated working so hard to line their pocketbooks.  Now, I work hard to line my OWN pocketbook.

Overall, working from home can be very rewarding. I made the transition several years ago and have loved every minute of it.  I stumbled across a training program that taught me everything I needed to know.  In fact, I still use the program today because of it's incredible community as well as web hosting services.  I didn't already have a "business" in place that I could simply run from home, but Wealthy Affiliate gave me the tools and training to build my business and now I have the freedom that only comes with working from home and not for someone else.

This article was published on 20.07.2016 by Elizabeth Harrison
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Dennis Chikwayi Great points you have shared here Elizabeth!  4 years ago
Larry Claypool I like it Elizbeth.  4 years ago

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