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Send Shark Email Autoresponder with 50,000 Subscriber Capacity

Everyone who runs a business knows how important it is to get leads.

The question is whether or not they are keeping the leads in a system that allows them to be contacted at will. If you own a storefront and have people coming in, but do not have their contact information, how will you be able to reach out to them when you want to have a spur of the moment sale.

That is where an email autoresponder comes in.

This is a software and form you would have on your website (you better at least have one of these as well!) where clients can submit their details such as name, email address, phone number, address and more depending on how you set it up.

A good practice to provide incentive for people giving you these sometimes sacred and private details would be a special offer, free item or training/product that could benefit the end user and customer. If you owned a pizza shop for example you could offer a free medium or large pizza with the purchase of their next pizza when they opt in (you see right there, they would need to come back to your store).

Email autoresponders can range from a few dollars a month to hundreds of dollars a month depending on the type of system being used and the amount of subscribers you have in your list.

As the say, "the money is in the list!" While the days of the Yellow book are pretty much over, if you do not have your own piece of the internet pie, you are behind the times. Having a social media following and Fanpage for example might be nice, though they quickly can pull the rug out from under you if they do not like your posts or if how you might advertise on Facebook.

You do not own the fans on your page in Facebook, just like you do not own the subscribers on Youtube or followers on Instagram.

You want your own dedicated place where you can host your followers and keep up with them through email messages. Regardless of what you hear, email is still very much alive these days.

When you create an email autoresponder campaign you can have email responses occur instantly once someone opts into your website or form. This provides you with an immediate chance to provide an offer to your customers or clients to get them to become a paying customer and a raving fan.

There could be a special OTO, or One Time Offer, that they will only see when they opt in and will not ever have access to. This could be an exclusive group you have or additional bonuses. Just be creative in your marketing and before you know it they will be telling their friends about your page and products.

The new Send Shark email Autoresponder at is backed by a 20 year marketing tools and autoresponder company. They offer a 50,000 subscriber capacity list for just $25/month and also have an affiliate program paying out at 50% commissions on the resale of the software.

If you have not built your list, are looking to build a list or want to save money on a larger list you might have that is active you might want to shop around for something that could better fit your budget and marketing goals.

The Send Shark email autoresponder might just be the software to take your business to the next level.

This article was published on 14.03.2018 by Dave Gardner
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Send Shark - Email Marketing tool, 25 USD to join

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