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Globally Growing Crypto Membership Community (Don Hume)

The most frequently asked question I get from people with a new interest in crypto and blockchain technology is how to get investment exposure to the asset class.

When it comes to cryptocurrencies it is important to understand that they do not make up a singular asset class but rather several recognized asset classes with distinct value drivers. In a later article I will expand on the different categories and sub-classes of this asset.

Over several years I've been investing in various Crypto and associated Blockchain products. I ‘ve invested in a roll of "usual coin" and over time they've all increased in value. But it hasn’t been a smooth increase - the crypto market is very volatile and not for the faint hearted especially in this early adopter stage. Also; successful investment in this class can and does consume a lot of time.

Personally, after having bought, sold, and held crypto for several years, I have decided to sell most of my crypto assets on the exchanges because it was just too time-consuming and bothersome to manage it on my own.

I have allocated most of my crypto holdings to a professionally managed crypto fund because I know the team employs way more security mechanisms than I can, and I am “only” exposed to the asset class risk of crypto.

Currently; approximately 1/3 of my holdings is in the form of a “Crypto Membership” which is mainly devoted to building a dynamic and globally growing community which can be joined for FREE.

With this one exclusive membership you benefit through:

DAILY REWARDS – Receive daily and highly profitable rewards by participating in the future market of the Blockchain

NEW POTENTIAL OPPORTUNITIES – Access to new selective innovative Blockchain projects to participate in at your choice.

EDUCATION – Leverage the know-how of three leading Universities, to create true value for yourself and prepare for the future.

And what of the “Blockchain”?

This decentralized technology that powers the majority of all cryptocurrencies, known as blockchain, has the potential to transform many businesses around the world in a way similar to how the Internet transformed businesses. I really feel that not understanding this new tech will put someone at a disadvantage - sometime in the future-and that future is not far off.

The following presentation is an invitation to join us and make some new friends along the way:

By far "The greatest risk of crypto assets is not owning any”

Please email me with any questions @

Or sign up straightaway by following this link: 

This article was published on 30.04.2022 by Don Hume
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Don Hume Services - Crytpo Currency, 400 USD to join

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