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What I found was the key for me to succeed with a network marketing business.

For many years I joined several MLM businesses, but I didn`t have the results I was looking for. I made some money from time to time, but I never could quit my job.  So after some time, I was almost a passive member. 

Then I went more and more online to look for a way to build my MLM business online. I attended online seminars, webinars,  courses... everything I came across that I thought could be the solution to success with my network marketing business. And slowly I achieved so much knowledge that I felt I know what to do.  But that was not the best way to go, I just didin`t know.

What do you really need to do to gain success with network marketing? 

I have through all these years, all these courses, and all my searching and trying found that it is good to have the knowledge. It gives me more self-confidence.  But it took too much time, that I could have used so much better.

I don`t regret that I was studying MLM, network marketing, and online marketing a lot. But I regret I didn`t used more time to find a very good platform where I could learn at the same time that I could make money.  And where I could learn in my own space, without anybody stand behind my back pushing me. I don`t like to be pushed! Maybe because I have the drive in myself. However, if you don`t have the drive in yourself you may need a little push sometimes to go further with your business. It is really easy to "forget" the business when you have to be self-driven. 

What I found is that if I am a member of a team that is supporting each other, that is the "push" I need, the good and positive business and team environment give me so much energy. I understood that after I experienced it.

Where did I found this?

I was looking for solutions to succeed with a network marketing business. But it was just a coincidence that I found this company, and the team inside the company, which gives me all I need for the businesses I am doing online. It is for beginners and experienced marketers. 

They have the tools you need for all kinds of businesses. You have everything there for one monthly price which is so affordable compared with what you have to pay for tools when you pay for each tool in different companies.

And then... this company with all the tools you need for any business is also a network marketing business! That is just amazing. It`s your choice if you want to be just a customer or an affiliate there. 

So if you have for example an MLM company you can use this to make business funnels and an autoresponder. If you have a currency business or a health store you can use it for that. And then you get a second income stream if you promote it to others.

For me, the quality of the products I sell to other people is very important. I can`t sell something I know is just a way to make money for somebody. I need to know that the products have high value to the customer. And I know this company has just that.

I give you the link so you can look at the company and products yourself. And I can guarantee there is amazing education and support. And the teams... fantastic!

I will be happy to have you on my team if this is right for you. If not I hope you will start to really work on the business you may have, and stop waiting for the time you feel you know enough to start promoting what you have. There is no search time. 

The experiences you gain with doing is so much better than knowing everything. Results are coming with doing, not with only studying.

Here is the link to the business CLICK HERE

The price goes up very soon because they have added even more tools in there! To be grandfathered in join before the 26th of August 2021 and your monthly payment will stay at the same forever as long you are an active member. However, if you come here later you will see you get value for your money. 

Bodil Tonnevold

This article was published on 23.08.2021 by Bodil Tonnevold
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