Make money with your phone !!

A free application that brings you money. Much money!

Together we’ll become one of those who get profit from advertising, you and the other 6.999.999.999 people, anyway, pay it every day (By the way, did you know 51$ billions from 59$ billions that Google earned in 2013, came from ... advertising?; 

All the applications for smartphones are created for getting profit. The Mobzoid Application was created for the same purpose, the diference being its profit will be shared between all those who will use it, including you.

Mobzoid sell advertising and displays in the form of advertisements on mobile photo app users with Mobzoid installed, activated and kept active. Users are paid to keep the application active on your phone.

Mobzoid can provide an extra bonus consisting of a car which recommends application users. You accumulate at least 1000 users on 3-4 levels deep (below you) to enable application at least 10 weeks in a row, you get a gift Advertising Package 504 € which gives you access to extra bonus to get a car worth 11,000 euros .

For example, applying the recommendation application by multiplying by 10 x 10 Mobzoid Users with active application. Specifically 10 Active Users subscribe directly to you (your depth 1) and teach them to do the same. The 10 enrolled in turn, will enroll 10 = 100 Active Users in depth 2. Then 100 x 10 = 1000 Active Users in depth 3. When all these users will have active application on the phone at least 10 weeks in a row you are qualified for Extra- consisting of a bonus advertising package worth € 504 which gives you access to extra bonus to get a car worth 11,000 euros in 1-2 years. Or faster if you move fast;)

WARNING! Nobody pays any money, neither you nor as active users and active users of your network. But you and they can earn money together, each reaching, one by one, 10 € / week, then € 30, € 50, € 100 / week

What do you have to do ? Sign up for free from the link that you receive when you'll contact me. Download Mobzoid application from Google Play, and recommend to all your friends and teach them to do the same!

Visit my page and see how it works :

Here is a video presentation :

If you are interested please contact me by email or my facebook page link shown above

Hurry up and let's win increasingly more! Contact me soon!

This article was published on 27.02.2017 by Enasoiu Bogdan
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Mobzoid - advertisement, Free to join

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