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How to get free email lists for marketing your MLM business?

FREE valid email address list

If you have been in network marketing for a while you already know that finding new people for your business is a pain, but what if I could get you a free valid email address list of 200 leads today?

I know, most of you will be skeptical, but I can guarantee that you will get 200 leads for FREE.

Yes, 200 highly motivated and passionate prospects who want to learn more and build a business from home or online. The main issue for main new network marketers is that they try to enrol their social circle. Often these are people with no knowledge or skills on how to build a home based business. So, consider the advantage you will have with someone who has been building a business online for years.

These free targeted email lists are gold, because:

  • They are leaders
  • They are self empowered
  • They are business minded
  • They will simply get on with the job in hand¬†

Having the opportunity to reach out to 200 targeted email marketing leads in this persona is too good to miss. Just count for yourself how may how many leads you got this year. The fact is most network marketers may not even speak to 200 prospect in a year.


Where do you get the free targeted email lists from?

The platform is called "Team Build Club" and they were only founded last year and already they have over 34000 members.

The platform is very simple, when someone subscribes to "Team Build Club" all the members that subscribe after you are placed in your downline up to 200.

"Team Build Club'' makes their money from advertising, members upgrading and projects.

Some members after realizing that the system works can opt to upgrade. When a member upgrades for example to the basic package, they get another 200 leads. However, there is a slight difference between these leads to the FREE leads. The member who upgrades again gets all the leads that upgrade after he or she upgrades, if that makes sense.

So, when someone upgrades they receive 200 members who have also upgraded. In my opinion and from my experience, they are more desirable leads. They are more motivated and business minded and now you have them in your mailing list.

What is the best way to monetize your MLM and home based business leads?

Well, there are lots of different methods available to you, but email marketing still works. So, if you haven't already subscribed to a mailing service. There are many to choose from such as Aweder and Mailchimp, but you can use whatever platform that works for you.

Tips for emailing your mailing lists

  • Make you email or newsletter as informative as possible
  • Get your email or newsletter value
  • Don't blast your leads with your business opportunity straight away
  • Start by sending information that will help them in their business

How can I get a free valid email address list from Team Build Club?

Well, like any online platform, you simply subscribe to it. However, I thought that before you jump feet first into something like this I would share an article I prepared earlier about the benefit of using free email lists for marketing your MLM business. So, to find out more about Team Build Club and what it can do for your business, click on the "Read More" line below.


This article was published on 03.02.2022 by Steven Jackson
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Team Build Club - MLM downline builder, Free to join

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