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Okay, my primary company is a fantastic weight loss product. But that is not what I'm promoting in the business announcement. I am promoting traffic for your business. Mine is easy, but that's a cliche thing to say, and nobody believes it. Just because I get people to sign up by showing them a picture is unbelievable to most marketers trained to do all this stuff, I no longer have to do to get traffic. Nevertheless, I'll stop talking about weight loss without diet or exercise. You've seen my pictures at 

So let me get to the gist of the article. I get my traffic, well from here of course, but another means is, and of course , and another worthwhile place to get some advertising quick money without recruiting (more if you do) is

So that is a start. Here is my traffic signups since Friday 5 DAYS AGO! 5 days of traffic from my ad platforms you should join too!

So yes, I went from 5 or 6 signups  a week to 161 in a week by advertising in ad platforms that only pro marketers frequent. I also got 53 purchases this week also! This is phenomenal.

Trafficmonsoon for instance had a set back with paypal. They grew to fast and the news I heard is that paypal stopped allowing them to use their service because it was "too high risk." Yeah if you're not buying advertising, and just relying one the 2% interest they can pay on your advertising working capital. For instance, in Adspaypro, I bought 10,000 page views for 100 dollars. I did the 10 page views a day, and adspaypro paid me the 2% per day, and I have gotten about 140,000 page views off of the original 100 dollars, and yes I signed up about 6 or 10 people in that. But those who are math savvy, have already seen that I got $1,400 dollars of advertising for only 100 bucks I spend almost 3 months ago. I'm blown away, Also I am now earning 2% interest off of $360 dollars that the original $100 has accrued to. 

So what this is, is advertising, but only seen by pro marketers. Trafficmonsoon people are desperate, and they are looking for something good now, so I'm getting about 100 per week out of that global company that is on so-called hold! Well, if you just use it as an ad platform you'll pick up workers man! I mean these people go to work, and they are new to mlm, but are hustlers! They love earning money they can keep instead of putting it back in the 2% pipe dream fund.

 So jump in with me. I make custom animated banners you all can use! Let's get more traffic! Go in this order

1. buy minimum 50 dollars ads, but better 100 or 250

2. focus on maybe 1 to 3 ad packs and especially "cash links"

3.  this is a binary that also will fund you by paying .5 to 3% daily, variable rate to prevent failure. I put in 100, and it's now 110 after a few days. I'll buy more traffic with this money. 

Good luck, oh and if you are obese like I was, here look what I can do for you:

Since I put money in ads in these places, my income is sky rocketing! 

This article was published on 10.03.2016 by Pat Hamer
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