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If you're successful in network marketing, or if you have been failing in network marketing, or if you failed at network marketing in the past, or if you're considering a network marketing career, this invitation is for you.

This is my invitation to you to join a company regardless of what company you're already I involved with, because EVERYONE needs the product that they have developed. I'm not suggesting you abandon your current business, but why not buy from yourself at wholesale, and make your money back by sharing your transformation story. You'll make your money back and then some.

Please don't stop reading. Let me tell you about the product.

Did you know that your gut system and everything that goes on in your gut is called the gut microbiome? And that the gut microbiome is considered the second brain? Did you know that if your gut microbiome isn't in balance with the right amount of good bacteria, and timely elimination of bad bacteria, ALL of your health can be negatively impacted? Your body ages faster, you are more prone to chronic disease, and you have a poor immune system.  Your body will only partially absorb the nutritional supplements that you take, and you will ALWAYS have difficulty losing weight.

Many have discovered this, and as a result we have a proliferation of prebiotics and probiotics in the marketplace. This company has developed a 3-part system to get your gut microbiome working at optimum level, where it would MANUFACTURE the vitamins that your body needs. If you are diabetic, have a chronic disease, experience heartburn, bloating or constipation, or if you have poor sleeping habits, or experience difficulty losing weight, this gut microbiome system is for you.  This system takes the guesswork out of it. No more wondering how this prebiotic interacts with that probiotic and so on. 

 Ask yourself "What is the ONE thing that I can do on a daily basis to improve my overall wellness?"  The answer is your gut microbiome! CHANGE ONE THING, AND CHANGE EVERYTHING.  Is this product for you? Regardless of the business you're already involved in, YES IT IS. If you're making a lot of money in your business, and you don't fix your gut microbiome you might not live to enjoy the fruits of your labour, or worse yet, you might spend it all on medical bills. 

The Management Team

This is a team of network marketing experts who started a company 26 years ago with a product they developed, and that product has stood the test of time. It remains the number one selling nutritional supplement of all time, and the formula has not changed.  So these folks know what they are doing. They are responsible for creating more than 400 multi millionaires before they sold that company.  They launched this new company on 2nd February 2022, and within 4 days more than 5,000 affiliates had signed up from more than 8 countries. Is that phenomenal growth or what? It shows the track record that these men have laid down, and the immense level of trust that network marketers have in them.  Network Marketing leaders are introducing their teams because it's good business to add this extra product line to what they already offer. 

The Compensation Plan

Speaking of good business, the Compensation Plan is quite lucrative. Become an Affiliate for $25.00 and purchase a system for $155.00. This purchase will be your monthly expenditure.  Recruit 5 people on your level 1. All of the volume you generate from your level 1 will pay you 15% commission ongoing. On your level 2 you make 10%  commission.  These gentlemen were the first to introduce dynamic compression to the industry, and they have included it in this Compensation Plan. All of the volume after level 6, of ALL of the distributers is placed in a pool, and your SHARE in that commission can range from 16% to 60%.  Once you have total group volume of 26,000 you share in the pool. If you are successful in network marketing, this is nothing to smirk at. 

So that's it folks. I'm looking for established entrepreneurs to join me in this business because I know you've worked hard to get where you are. Why not keep your current business, and encourage your team to branch out.  You ALL need the product anyway. If you're just starting out, this company provides the foundation you need, plus you would become part of a huge community

We have DAILY business presentations. Contact me for ZOOM details.

This article was published on 18.02.2022 by Jacqueline Somerszaul
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Go Love Life - Nutrition, 25 USD to join

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