Meet AVA, your NEW Virtual Assistant!

Meet AVA

Your NEW Virtual assistant!

Shes your partner and here to serve you and your network marketing company!

All you do is share your unique number to potential prospects

And AVA will do all of the selling and Telling for you.

Shell TEXT your prospects about your opportunity and even invite them to you her for theirs too!

This is something YOU NEED with your business because.

The average person checks their phone every 3 minutes.

Whereas, most people check their e-mail every two days.

Imagine the difference in response time that you will get from your offers or invites vs. Traditional E-mail!

And Lets face it, Generation Z NEEDS YOUR HELP, especially in trying times!

Text Message your prospects hands free!

Instead of you needing to text your prospects manually, every time they call your unique AVA number and opt in through our phone option field, AVA sends them an invite to grab their own AVA system and shares with them your opportunity of your choice!

Ava Earns you $100 per person on autopilot!

Thats right!, Not only does Ava Text on your behalf, but she helps you earn $100 when someone purchase her web base software to your prospects! Thats $100 dollars over and over and over again on autopilot! Imagine how that may help you grow your business while you do more important things. Youll be able to choose how people pay you $100 to use AVA, either by PAyPal, Venmo, Bitcoin,Apply Pay, Google Pay or other options, or all options! No matter what, referring people to use AVA will pay off!

Customize your TEXTBOT to send the messages YOU want it to Send!

You can program keywords for people to type and activate certain actions for example: Text the word INCOME to 444444444, so on and so forth. This in turn, helps you grow your business in ways never thought possible before.

AVA is global

Doesnt matter if youre from The US, Canada, UK or Ukraine, Our AVA textboxt is Global!

E-mails are still effective but theres more smartphones than E-mail addresses

Gong back to the statistic that after 3 minutes, most people will check a notification from a text or social media message. Thesis where AVA comes into play. You need to have an edge in sharing your business to a wide audience, and our chat bot does that!

Ava is also compliant with FFC laws, so no text can be sent to prospects without their permission first!

Get Your Own AVA Textbot HERE

Start Taking your business to new heights

This article was published on 10.06.2020 by Kyle Smith
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AVA Textbot A.I - Marketing, 100 USD to join

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