Are You Tired

Rat Race Demise

Are you tired of the rat race?  People wake up early to get into their jobs they hate.  I hear people complain all the time about their jobs.  They complain about not making enough money.  They complain about the hours, their boss, and the work load. The sad fact is they don't do anything to change their situation.  

You've Been Duped

We go through life duped thinking we have to get a degree.  Universities have their place, yet it isn't always important.  Some of the biggest billionaires never went to college.  A lot of individuals never do what they went to school for.  Why pay all that money for a piece of paper?  

The Road to Debt

We all know there are certain occupations that require a degree.  We all know you don't need to go to college to make the money either.  There are a lot of opportunities online where you can learn a skillset that can make you richer than your local doctor, lawyer, or corporate CEO.  Invest in yourself and learn from those leaders who have forged paths of success.  You will be successful when you connect yourself with like minded people.

A Successful Situation

I have connected with a few mentors in my time.  I learned a lot which I have applied to my daily life. I decided It was time to make a change.  When you make a decision to change a situation that isn't working that is a wise decision.  This is a great step in the right direction towards success.  

Success means a lot of different things to everyone.  Are you successful?  What do you think is success?  You can be successful as a.............


2. Doctor

3. Actor

4. Politician



In Accordance With What

I left #5 blank because you may have a different idea or thought.  Success can be physical in that you have reached muscular goals.  Success can be mental in that you have reached levels of intelligence.  Success can be spiritual in that you have reached levels of being in accordance with a higher power.  Success can be family related in that you have raised and taken care of your loved ones.  

How Many Levels

Have you reached those levels?  What are you doing to reach those levels?  What changes are you making to reach those levels?  Are you connecting with those you believe have reached success?  Are you investing in yourself?


Bogged Down in Frivolity

Are you learning every day?  Read a lot of subject matter that opens up your mind.  Read books or topics that will motivate you.  Don't get bogged down in frivolous activities.  I never have time for all of the online gaming apps.  I don't have any clue what is out there, how to play them, or understand the fascination.  

Empowerment of Helping

If you enjoy them then have at it.  It isn't for me.  I want to do things that will empower my success.  I want to constantly be thinking about ideas that will build my business.  I definitely want to help others be successful.  When we help others we become successful.  This is my passion.  There are a lot of people struggling financially, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

Listen to Change Lives

I want to give back to my community as much as possible.  I have a great ear when someone needs to talk I am a good listener.  I believe if you listen and show you care you can change lives.  I am in the business of changing lives.  

A Passionate Journey

Who wants to join the journey with me?  Who is in the business of changing lives?  Are you passionate about helping others become successful?  Are you a good listener?  Do you care about others?

Fall Into Success

When we put others first then things will fall into place for us.  Will you put others first?  Will you show and teach others to be successful?   What are you going to do?  Invest in yourself and others.  

Keep the faith brothers and sisters.  

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This article was published on 15.12.2020 by Jeff Bjune
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