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My name is Clarence Mitchell and I want to share this opportunity with you. Get started today for free. Grow your business on your own terms or get recommendations, mentoring and coaching from me and other experienced network marketing individuals. Our products are priced very well from low to high, and what we value ourselves on mostly is the quality of our products. We just launched hand sanitizer, which is right on time for this time in our lives. This club is similar to Sam's Club, Costco, or a wholesale club. The difference is that we are not public, we are private. Also, we don't have a yearly membership fee, we require one item to be purchased per year. Our cheapest item is less than $5 USD + S&H. We are a global company and starting to open up in more and more countries. We would love to have you. Get started today for free. You can watch our 1 minute video at To schedule a follow up with me, get questions answered, or to get your free membership and get started, you can call or text 2163894213 or schedule a follow up using this link: and Ill be happy to get back with you.

Compensation Plan - We have a binary compensation plan with unlimited depth. You will learn more once you are a member. You will earn commissions based on the volume in each leg, and once each leg gets to a specific volume. More to be explained when you sign up or if you schedule a follow up, I will explain this to you before you move forward. Here are some details on the basics of a binary compensation plan, not ours specifically, but an overview. 

"Binary compensation plans are a direct selling industry staple. And generally, the jury’s split pretty evenly on how they’re received—distributors either love binaries’ unique rules and strategies or are frustrated with their inflexibility. Still, it’s a major contender among the three main comp plan types and has brought a lot of companies huge success. Read on to learn about how binaries differ from breakaway and unilevel plans and the pros and cons of using one in your company. A binary compensation plan is defined by the way it’s structured. The word binary means that there are only two options—on or off, white or black, 0 or 1. When we’re talking about binary compensation structures, the two available options are for building a downline. Distributors have only two options for placing new recruits—on the left or the right side (or leg) of their downline. This is the biggest hallmark of a binary plan—every distributor can only have up to two recruits on the first level beneath them. You can use a google search and type in binary compensation plan in mlm to learn some basics. These plans differ per company. 

Have a great day and hope you enjoyed the above information.

Clarence Mitchell

This article was published on 15.11.2020 by Clarence Mitchell
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