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Karatbars and other passive income opportunities

Our Karatbars Network Marketing opportunity is a gold savings account for yourself which also allows you to sign up referrals and earn commission from them AND anyone they sign up.

You can sign up for free but you will only start earning commission once you upgrade to a paid package.  Unlike an MLM the credits you recieve when signing up new members or from other sales don't get removed if you don't hit your a target. Karatbars does not have a target! You can sign up new referrals at your own pace and not have to stress about losing credits. :)

This business can make you financially free, don't think - just do it!

Training and support are provided to you via a network of like-minded individuals who live all over the world so support is available whenever you need it.  I give you my skype name so that you can send me a message at any time and run ideas past me.

Go watch this video for more info:

Once you decide to sign up to Karatbars, I have other low-risk opportunities that you can get involved in that will generate cashflow for you to essentially buy gold for free.

If you would like any more info, go to:

Or contact me at

The 90 day challenge!!

The 90 day challenge goes out to anyone who joins Karatbars.

What is the 90 challenge?

The 90 day challenge is exactly what it sounds like. In 90 days you put in every ounce of effort possible and speak to as many as people as possible, get them to sign up and reap the rewards.

Why do the 90 day challenge?

If you can successfully complete the 90 day challenge, you can be financially free from thereon out. Wouldn't you like to be financially free after 3 months? Imagine what you could do and where you could do if you weren't tied down by a job. Make the effort and I promise you, the rewards are worth it.

You can go to the 90daystofreedom site link above and have a look at all the content there.

Some of our other projects include:


Revenue Sharing

Alternative coins besides bitcoin

Our other projects have referral programs but referrals ARE NOT NECESSARY to make a return, you can simply jump into them and carry on, hence why we say you can make an return on investment which you can then use to buy gold. This means you are essentially getting your gold for free.

Once again please get a hold of me if you need any assistance signing up:

This article was published on 09.06.2016 by Caylum Van Dijk
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