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Old Businessman’s Advice For Being Successful

A True story:

A 100-year-old, incredibly wealthy businessman was asked to document all his

wisdom, so that it could be shared and used to help others reach success in

their own lives, and business.


Interviewer was stunned when he finally came up to meet this very

successful, and much-loved businessman, only to find that he only wrote

down a couple of paragraphs on a piece of paper as documentation on how he

became wealthy.

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The interviewer, asked the man, is this it? This is all you wrote

down? How on earth can a couple of paragraphs be all there is to know from

100 years on this planet?


To which the old businessman replied...

 "You see, that's the problem. You can hand this piece of paper to a young

person, and they will open it and read it, and they will think they understand

it, but they will disregard it, and they will go on looking for some more

fanciful, complicated, seemingly mysterious ideas in order to capture their


And it won't be until someone arrives, 100 years later when they're

contemplating their life, and trying to make sense of it, that they will

then reread this piece of paper and say to themselves... 'that was it,

everything needed to know, to be extraordinary wealthy, well respected and

very much loved, appears on this piece of paper".


What he wrote on the piece of paper was, "Only a few things really matter;

to anything. You want to find those few things, and you want to stick to them,

and then you want to master them".

You know: 

We're always looking for what's new. What's shiny? But in the end, only a

few things really matter.


Isn't that what the 80/20 rule is all about?

Focusing on the very few things that bring the best results, and working

really hard to master them.


Even Warren Buffet said that his reason for success, was saying no to 99

investments out of every 100.

And what we see every day, are people floundering about trying to do 100

things at once.

Jumping onto anything new that comes along. 

We have people with their blogs, fan pages, twitter, Pinterest, email

marketing, funnels. forums, etcetera... and yet... chances are that only 1 or

2 of the things they work on, is bringing in most of their results.

But rather than ditching the time wasters, they still try to do everything. 

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I have been all over for pursuing online business.  

Deep down I believed in just simple way, and yet I was all over.

I had all social networking sites, but pace of success was still slow.  

Now I am just pursuing simple ways.

That's it.That's 80/20. 

For productivity: I focus on just a few tasks a day. That's it. Not 9 or 10; just

a small few. And I'm more productive than I've ever been... but that wouldn't

be hard considering I only work on a small number profit producing tasks anyway.


Cut down on the amount of stuff you're focusing on.

Ditch the time-wasting tasks and ONLY focus on the revenue producing


Focusing on the traffic that delivers the results and disregarding the rest

Is really all there is to it.

Sure, as you move forward you can add new things to your bag, but by that

time you'll have systemized everything to run, more or less, on autopilot.


This article was published on 10.09.2020 by Prakash Kunjeer
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