Pack and Move with the Best Packers and Movers in Bangalore

Packing is one particular job, not everyone loves. So, if you have to shift your home or office with all the stuff but hate packing, then let LocalRamu’s professional packers and movers in Bangalore do it for you.

Physical packing and unpacking of your belongings safely is a hassle that requires devoted time and attention, which often puts under a lot of stress and hassle.

However, LocalRamu commits to making the moving process smoother and hassle-free for all the clients and customers. With a wide range of service according to your requirements, you can choose either of the intra-city, short-distance or long-distance service.

What are the different Services that LocalRamu provides?

1. Packing Services

LocalRamu understands the situation that you may not be able to pack your things properly due to various reasons. There may be family obligations, work engagement, or other essential tasks which will not let you give a dedicated time for packing before you move or relocate to a new city or place.

That is why you are always backed by the best packers and movers service in Bangalore. The experienced packers are there to help you devote time elsewhere while they take care of the packing process. This takes away the burden of having to pack while struggling with time.

You can approach LocalRamu for an estimated quotation of the whole process. Once it is done, one of the executives will visit your premise to inspect the things to be packed and accordingly give you an estimate so that you can plan the budget. Also, he will clearly explain all the terms and conditions you must know. This will give no space for confusions or discrepancies later on.

With LocalRamu, you have the options to either have the entire home or specific rooms packed by the professional packers. As per your choice of service, the team will wrap everything, put them in boxes, and pack the fragile items in special ways to prevent any damages during the move.

2. Unpacking Services

Just like packing, even unpacking the things after moving them to the new address is also a big worry. Not to increase the burden on the already exhausted journey, LocalRamu’s dedicated team is always there to help you out in unpacking and unwrapping the things.

Once you select for this service, the team will:

— deliver luggage and belongings inside your house

— unwrap and unbox everything properly and safely

— shift everything to the exact spot where you want to see them

3. Special Packing of Special Items

Certain items like musical instruments, fragile glassware, antique collections, painting, and expensive electronics need special care throughout the process of packing, moving, and unpacking. There always remain chances for it to suffer damages.

Hence, the highly skilled professional packers and movers in Bangalore are specialists in packing and moving of such items. By using superior packing materials and advanced packing methods, they ensure that you get these items as it is after you move into your new location.

LocalRamu assures you of the following:

➔ Fully Insured Packing and Moving: All of your items packed by LocalRamu’s professional packers for moving are fully insured against any damage and. You will get compensation for any such unfortunate happenings.

➔ Transparent Transactions: All the transactions, terms and conditions will be fully transparent. LocalRamu never encourages any concealed information.

➔ Highly Experienced Packers: The packers are highly skilled with years of experience in this field. So, they know the in and out of the job and will take care of your belongings like their own.

➔ Packing Materials: LocalRamu provides all the packing materials including bubble wrap, stretch wrap, cartons and boxes, etc.

➔ Cautious Handling of Fragile Items: All fragile items are packed and moved with the utmost care and caution.


LocalRamu is undoubtedly one of the best Packers and Movers in Bangalore. With an already established reputation, it always looks forward to serving the customers in Bangalore with the highest level of satisfaction in mind.

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This article was published on 21.09.2020 by Taran Singh
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