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Hello Gateway Members my name is Alonzo Greene and I am a Valentus Ruby.This might not mean a lot to some of you but that is going to change quickly.Valentus is a global beverage company that has a unique niche product.Introducing SlimRoast Coffee it is the #1 Weight Loss Coffee in the the World that Works.Just look at the ingredients:NonGMO Dark Roast Coffee,Chlorogenic Acid,Garcinia Cambogia 95%,Phaseolamin,Cassiolamine Green Tea 100:1Extract,Ginseng 100:1 Extract, L Carnitine,and Chromium.This is a patented formula developed by Doctor Louis Volpe,so you can see why it is so effective.In addition to SlimRoast our company carries a energy formula ,a immune formula,and Trim which is a weight loss product for folks who do not drink coffee.All of our products mix with water for ease of use and absorpation.Valentus is attracting leaders from around the world and everyday people like yourself who want to lose weight and make a substantial replacement income.This is not heavy lifting guys.Coffee is the most purchased beverage in the world next to water.We have documented proof of 10,15,20,and up to 100 lbs weight loss from SlimRoast coffee drinkers.With the addition of our online tools designed to support our company owners people everywhere are being attracted to Valentus.The compensation plan is unmatched in the industry you are paid seven different ways and the products are first grade in quality and appearance.One other important factor is that Valentus is growing fast,it has only a one year old company.Think if you bought Apple stock early where would you be now financially,it is about timing get in early try it,feel it,share it.It literally that easy! To see the testamonials about the people who have lost weight with SlimRoast go to click the testamonial drop down.These are not actors but real people like yourself.Also see a brief overview of Valentus at Finally a company that underpromises and over delivers.All of our products are packaged beautifully and have a very attractive appearance.The leadership team is the best of the best,how many of you have been able to speak to the CEO of your company while you were doing your due diligence?Mr Dave Jordan has put together a top of the line first rate company,with leaders that care you are not just a number here at Valentus.The compensation plan pays you seven ways so you can fit in and take this as far as your potential can take you.Work this like a business and not a hobby and there is nothing that can keep you from success but yourself.You can inbox me at
This article was published on 05.10.2015 by Alonzo Greene
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Alonzo Brown Alonzo, thanks for enlightening article on Valentus. I Really Love Your Name!!!  7 years ago

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