40% Commission (Initial & Residual) - With An Untapped Market!

     Thank you, my friends, for the privilege of presenting my opportunity to thousands of like-minded people---courtesy of the fabulous MLM Gateway.

     A little background: I was an Infantry Platoon Sgt. with the U.S. Army. Then spent six years as a Police Officer with the NYPD. The next twenty years were the absolute best: I was a Lt. with the FDNY in the 60s, 70s, and 80s when, as they say, "The Bronx Is Burning." The firefighters called me "Lieutenant Bible Breath." So, upon retirement I entered seminary and eight years later I was ordained a Christian Minister and I am still the Pastor of a small Church at age 80.

     I said all of that to introduce you to my business opportunity. The letters after my name tell me I'm a pretty smart guy but things in the digital age drive me bonkers. I needed something simple yet something fabulous for my clients and down-line. I found it: Ameriplan USA.

     Millions of Americans do not have any kind of health coverage at all and some who do, have large deductibles. Here's where I (and hopefully you) come in. You can offer an excellent health discount program that covers everything from the very popular telemedicine to vision to chiropractic to preion drugs to dental, and more. And receive the highest commissions in the discount industry.

     Ameriplan USA is the only health discount program in the MLM conglomerate (no competition) and a 40% initial and monthly residual commission is hard to turn down.

     Let's go over a few points: You have a highly respected company that has been in business since 1992 offering a fabulous program at a terrific value with a vast untapped market. As noted above, Ameriplan's compensation plan is really---really---good. And, when was the last time you saw an MLM company featured on Good Morning America?

     If there ever was a more ethical and rewarding MLM company in the network marketing industry than Ameriplan I think Sherlock Holmes and Columbo would have a hard time finding it.

     If ever there was something called a "no-brainer" this is it. So I have one more question: What are you waiting for? 

     Please go to: http://www.DeliveringOnThePromise.com/PastorJerry

   And remember, my motto is the same as when I was fighting tenement fires in the South Bronx and Harlem: I am here for you 24/7.

  My contact info is on the website but I'll include it here: Phone# = 845-398-1114 ------- Email = RevJ39@optimum.net.

     Another bonus: My upline is beyond fabulous.

     From the bottom of my heart I sincerely wish all of my MLM Gateway associates a most healthy and prosperous 2020. Perhaps we can enjoy it together.

This article was published on 20.01.2020 by Jerry Caterino
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