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Start earning in three easy steps:

1.  Join My Points

2.  Create and verify your account

3.  Complete daily tasks, shop if you're looking for something, refer friends  and start earning!

Remember, with this site you will not be able to become an overnight millionaire, but, you will be able to earn something by completing the tasks, referring other people and shopping from various stores listed on this site.  Minimum withdrawal is $5

Here is some more information about the program:

Join the site

Click on the "To-Do List" top right hand side

Go through each and every task listed under the to do list. 

1.  Voting in Daily poll is not only easy, it is a lot of fun and an extremely simple task to do.

2.  Activate Score is where you will be asked to download and activate the MyPoints extension.  This extension helps you save money by giving you X amount of points for each purchase that you make through the sites that are listed with MyPoints.

3.  Third task is another simple task where you will be checking out the deals for the day.  All you have to do is click on the task and it will take you to the store that is having special deals, i.e. Walmart, Homedepot, Staples and many others.  If like the deal, shop your way to some points by purchasing the items of your interest.

4.  Complete a Watch Activity is where you will be watching some videos and rating them by clicking on the "thumbs up" or "thumbs down" sign.  The videos are mostly about the sites that are interested in advertising through MyPoints.  You are not require to join any site but you can, if there is anything of interest to you.

5.  Earning points from Discover has many choices.  You can check out different earning criterias and choose the one that you like to earn from.  My personal favourite is earning from Peanut labs but if you're a gamer then you have more choices to earn from.  Peanut Lab offers many options as well but my personal favorite is the surveys, I enjoy doing surveys and offering my two bits.  Again if you're a gamer there are gaming sites as well under Peanut Labs.  Earning opportunities are endless!

6.  Attempt a Survey is another one of my favorite.  Here we can choose the surveys that we like to do, you can choose based on the reward amount or the time spent on the survey.  I choose with the least time spent so that I don't have to leave a survey unfinished in case something comes up.  If you have done surveys in the past, you already know what it's all about; if not, let me tell you, surveys are a lot of fun and the rewards are good so that you can cash out faster.

7.  Complete a survey is same as attempting a survey.  If you finish a survey you receive your points for the survey as well as for finishing the 'To Do List".

8.  Meet your daily goal is where you have to complete all 7 goals by clicking as well as finishing the required tasks.

This article was published on 17.08.2021 by Taru Tiwari
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MyPoints - Affilliate Marketing, Free to join

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