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World's most extravagant lady Gina Rinehart is persevering through a media firestorm over an article in which she takes the "envious" white collar class to task for 'drinking or smoking and mingling' as opposed to attempting to win their own fortune. 

Imagine a scenario in which she has a point. 

Steve Siebold, creator of 'How Rich People Think' went through about three decades talking with tycoons around the globe to discover what isolates them from every other person. 

It had little to do with cash itself, he revealed to Business Insider. It was about their attitude. 

"[The center class] advises individuals to be content with what they have," he said. "What's more, in general, the vast majority are saturated with dread with regards to cash." 

Normal individuals think MONEY is the foundation of all detestable. Rich individuals trust POVERTY is the foundation of all underhanded. 

"The normal individual has been mentally programmed to accept rich individuals are fortunate or unscrupulous," Siebold composes. 

That is for what reason there's a sure disgrace that joins "getting rich" in lower-pay networks. 

"The world-class realizes that while having cash doesn't ensure joy, it makes your life simpler and progressively agreeable." 

From Steve Siebold, creator of "How Rich People Think" 

Normal individuals think childishness is a bad habit. Rich individuals think childishness is excellence. 

"The rich go out there and attempt to satisfy themselves. They don't attempt to profess to spare the world," Siebold revealed to Business Insider. 

The issue is that white-collar class individuals consider that to be a negative– – and it's keeping them poor, he composes. 

"In case you're not dealing with you, you're not in a situation to help any other individual. You can't give what you don't have." 

From Steve Siebold, creator of "How Rich People Think" 

Normal individuals have a lottery mindset. Rich individuals have an activity attitude. 

"While the majority are holding on to pick the correct numbers and petitioning God for success, the incredible ones are taking care of issues," Siebold composes. 

"The saint [middle-class people] are hanging tight for might be God, government, their manager or their companion. It's the normal individual's degree of reasoning that breeds this way to deal with life and living while the clock fends off ticking." 

From Steve Siebold, creator of "How Rich People Think" 

Normal individuals think the way to wealth is cleared with formal training. Rich individuals put stock in obtaining explicit information. 

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