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How a 6-Figure Earner Builds his MLM Organization for Free on Facebook

You've probably heard a lot about getting leads for free especially on Facebook. 

And it's definitely possible as quite a few people have built hugely successful organizations in their company with basically zero cost to them to build.

Is it as simple as posting a quick business announcement with your affiliate link at the end?

Not really. As we all wish customers and teammates would simply pile in by doing so.

The real issue that needs to be addressed is the fact that many networkers don't provide a whole lot of value for their prospects.

Which is why you'll almost always see business announcement posts completely flop in terms of engagement or clicks.

We have to give them an actual reason to check out what we have. Otherwise our product/business announcements will always fall on deaf ears.

Luckily there is one guy by the name of Aron (it's spelled right I promise lol) who has earned multiple six figures in his company and is literally (and I mean literally) going to show you exactly how he goes about getting people to see his business opportunity.

You can check out the free video here to see how he does it.

But to give you a little bit of an idea, the way that Aron gets people into his business doesn't even involve presenting his business opportunity to people at first.

He understands that most people simply don't respond very well (if at all) to being offered a business opportunity up front.

Which is why he takes a different approach in offering something of value to other people before he even attempts to present his business opportunity to them.

Why is this important? 

 Again, people have absolutely no reason to want to join you in your business.

But if you were to give something to them that helps them out in a positive way that is either low or no cost to them, you've already put one foot through the door.

Now you might be asking "What is it that is so valuable to other people that he offers to them?"

Now here's the plot twist:

Aron actually offers a system that helps other network marketers in getting leads and sales for their business.

And that's because Aron happens to look for other network marketers.

"Wait hold on a second, you mean to tell me that this Aron guy built a successful multiple six figure a year business by recruiting other network marketers into his business?"

The answer is yes.

Now if you're hearing this for the first time, you might scratch your head and think how far fetched of an idea this is.

However it's not really as crazy as you think when you click here to check out the exact method that Aron used to build his multiple 6-figure organization.

Check what Aron has to say and what he does. You might just end up implementing this crazy idea yourself!

This article was published on 07.06.2021 by Kevin Williams
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