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Does money Mean anything In a Business?

It sounds unrealistic to say that Money has Nothing to do with Business, right? Yet In-fact Some of the big brains in the Industry have made statements like this "A Business that makes nothing but money is a poor business" Henry ford. In other words a business that does not make money cannot possibly called itself a business. While in other occasions not all businesses that make money are Good business.

The quote stated by Henry ford Carries a profound message It tells us that a business that generates nothing but money/profit is a poor business. Now this may sound contradictory to what most people consider a good business outcome. Here at MLM gateway, we have understood the power of Referral

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Consultant / IBR Team Member / Lyconet Marketer/SME ADVISOR

To understand this quote on a deeper level, lets explore the concept of a 'prosperous business' and 'poor business.' As mentioned before, a business that does not make money cannot claim to be a business, that's a given. So yes, money plays an important role without a doubt. However, the thing that really separates a 'prosperous' business' from a 'poor' business' is Intention.

The intention of a business is it's mission, desire, hope, vision, goal and objective. A poor business will make profit it's number 1 intention and prioity, placing it above quality of service, intergrity, transparency, customer care and satisfaction, innovation, loyality and ethics. A poor business will 'make hay' while the sun shines, but is destined to fail because it's intentions are misplaced. The key component to a enduring and quality business is the intention to be of great service and add value.

A prosperous business makes service it's number 1 priority. Whether it's providing a service that understands and fulfills the needs of a few or serving a greater good for all. Serving others is the heartbeat of all business.

So where does the money factor into all of this?

Well, service is just another word for 'problem solving,' and the more problems a business solves, the more profitable it becomes.

Rather than businesses falling over themselves to find new ways of extracting more money from pockets, all they need to do is solve a few more problems. So do not be too timid and squeamish about your actions. Do not let someone scare you out of failing forward. All of life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better. Either you will succeed or you will learn the next best step.

If you are considering being in business for yourself or are already in business, think about your priorities. What's at the top of your priority list? Make it your intention to be of service to others and add value first and foremost. The money will come faster and more abundantly when you focus on helping others find solutions. There is no greater reward than the satisfaction of knowing you are doing something good for someone else, and if you do it well and often, you are in business, a prosperous business.

Having said that You have watch the Video above, you know what lyconet is doing I am only allowed two links and i have used them all email me to discuss Your way forward. Would you like to partner with me and build schools in third world countries, pay extra teachers to teach in those schools and also help the need. Nelson Mandela finished by saying, "Education is the bset way to eliminate poverty'' I could not agree and better. Please the a step in the right direction and Make your decision now.

Best personal regards,

Thomas Mutai

Marketing consultant and Lyconet/lyoness

SME adviser


This article was published on 03.12.2015 by Thomas Mutai
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Xarah Dax Very interesting quote by Henry Ford. Never seen it before. I like your interpretation.  7 years ago
Tony Puckerin Interesting post TY  7 years ago

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